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Platy Hoser ----> Sawyer Inline ---> whatever else?
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Eli .
(Feileung) - F
Platy Hoser ----> Sawyer Inline ---> whatever else? on 09/20/2011 18:37:39 MDT Print View

I've been wanting to use the Sawyer in-line filter and have been thinking of how I want to implement it. Generally I like using bottles.

I was considering a 2L Platypus hoser w/bite valve cut off + Sawyer In-Line filter + clean line out to fill whatever I feel like filling.

This seems so simple but other people's (Tony's) set ups seem so complicated.

I'm assuming I'm overlooking something. Is there a reason that the system I described wouldn't work?

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Heath Pitts
(heathpitts) - F

Locale: Nashville
Sawyer on 09/20/2011 18:45:47 MDT Print View

No reason that I can see that it wouldn't work the way you described.

squeeze on 09/20/2011 18:55:34 MDT Print View

is there something about the sawyer squeeze you dont like?

Eli .
(Feileung) - F
Adaptablity. on 09/20/2011 19:08:07 MDT Print View

It seems like a great solution except that I'd like the ability to treat water for hiking companions when necessary or to set up a gravity filter at camp if water isn't nearby.

Now that you mention it though, the squeeze is cheaper and has the same filtration specs so that might be a better choice. I could just remove the filter from the bottle and use it as mentioned earlier. Again, unless I'm overlooking something.

Jacob D
(JacobD) - F

Locale: North Bay
Re: Platy Hoser ----> Sawyer Inline ---> whatever else? on 09/20/2011 19:14:53 MDT Print View

I think the systems tend to sound more complicated on paper than they actually are.

What you described above is essentially the same system that Tony uses, you have just simplified the description. You're not filling a second Platy, but you'll be filling something... so the number of parts is equal.

I use something similar to Tony's setup as well.

His, mine, yours, and probably a handful of other similar arrangements are all fine systems for filtering water. The Sawyer is a nice little filter. The secret to getting fast flow (for those who haven't figured it out) is getting the thing primed; once wetted out, it flows quickly. Sucking from the clean side is a good way to prime it.

squeeze on 09/20/2011 19:20:46 MDT Print View

I have a squeeze Ive only played with with tap water so far. Its lighter than a setup with hose, etc. Filters 1.5-2L/min fairly easily when clean.

You can squeeze it into anything you want. Into anyones bottle. To squeeze into your own narrow mouth bottle, you will probably spill a bit without a connector. It can be a simple as a short piece of surgical tubing though.

You can drink out of it if you want too, with or without the little adapter.

Use a "tornado tube" connector to hook a platypus on the clean outlet, and you can fill a platy and backflush by squeezing the clean platypus. Easier than anything else out there.

Only $50 to boot. And you get 3 water containers too.

Your "dirty" water container also can be the extra water container when needed, just treat it with AM or other you carry for backup anyway.

Eli .
(Feileung) - F
. on 09/20/2011 19:33:46 MDT Print View

I hate the way these things are priced.

The squeeze is $50.00 at REI (and elsewhere).

This is $28.88

I'm assuming they use the same filter. They put a serious $$premium on squeezability.

Jacob D
(JacobD) - F

Locale: North Bay
Re: . on 09/20/2011 19:40:05 MDT Print View

No idea if they're the same, but from Sawyer's description of the filters it sounds as if the less expensive one is good for 500 gal, while their other filters have the million gallon guarantee. I picked up my SP-122 for ~$40 online.

filter on 09/20/2011 19:47:25 MDT Print View

squeeze filter has million gallon guarantee, whatever that means.

It is $43 at moontrail.

Dont forget you get 3 platypus-like containers with it. They feel thinner, but weigh about same as platys. And ability to screw on to it securely, and drink straight from it if in hurry or dying of thirst.

Seems to me to be worth $15. Maybe a bit more.

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David W.
(Davidpcvsamoa) - MLife

Locale: East Bay, CA
Re: . on 09/20/2011 19:51:24 MDT Print View


I use the Sawyer setup as your described and either drink water directly from the bite valve or I use it as a gravity filter and filter into bottles. I think it works well for the purpose you describe.

FYI, the squeeze bottle does not come with a faucet adapter to back-flush. I used to back-flush by hand which worked fine. For my second Sawyer kit I bought one with the faucet adapter. I got it at Moontrail.

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Eli .
(Feileung) - F
. on 09/20/2011 19:57:09 MDT Print View

I just realized I was confusing the blue Sawyer bottle (described "easy to squeeze") up w/the Squeeze (which I didn't realize was its own product.

Thanks clearing that up. That set up does look pretty sweet.

More looking, more reading;)