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slim fit hiking pants?
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Jeffrey McConnell
slim fit hiking pants? on 09/20/2011 00:44:53 MDT Print View

I was wondering what slim fitting hiking pants are out there. I currently use REI Saraha Convertibles, which work great. I wear track pants at home to lounge around in and was thinking it would be nice to find some hiking pants that fit like them. I don't ever use my pants as shorts. Anyone know of relatively inexpensive slim fitting pants that can be used for hiking? If my track pants weren't black, I would try using them.

Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - M

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Re: slim fit hiking pants? on 09/20/2011 01:05:14 MDT Print View

I like slimmer pants as well and haven't found anything yet. Not skinny or tight, more classic jeans fit. I am also skinny and everything looks kinda baggy on me. Some plain, synthetic khaki style pants with a low profile would be a nice find.

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Dave Grey
(dapperdave) - F
marmot trail wind pant on 09/20/2011 04:20:31 MDT Print View

I've just bought a pair of these :

They are very thin fabric,slim fitting, no fly, one small mesh lined thigh pocket, simple elasticated waist (comfortable under a pack belt) and 140g in size small.

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Erik Basil

Locale: Atzlan
Lots of slim fit at REI on 09/20/2011 06:50:02 MDT Print View

I noticed the Prana and Marmot pants, and one of the high-end REI items, are definitely slim fit. If you've got a store near you, hands-on is the best way to tell and I think you'll find several choices to check.

Robert Devereux
(robdev) - F

Locale: Pittsburgh, PA
Re: Slim fit hiking pants on 09/20/2011 07:31:24 MDT Print View

Check out Their stuff is expensive, but they are slim fit softshell pants.

Another option is you could start with a standard pair of hiking pants and have a tailor slim them down.

David Lutz

Locale: Bay Area
"slim fit hiking pants?" on 09/20/2011 08:50:30 MDT Print View

Have a look at the Prana Zion pant. Available at REI.

Steven Paris
(saparisor) - M

Locale: Pacific Northwest
slim fit hiking pants! on 09/20/2011 08:59:08 MDT Print View

Arc'Teryx Ramparts are slim-ish, with flat cargo pockets. They are available from REI, too, so they are sometimes on sale.

Jeffrey McConnell
REI on 09/20/2011 11:02:24 MDT Print View

Thanks for all the suggestions. Looks like I need to head to REI to try on some pants. It will be nice to have some suggestions in mind rather than searching for a slim fit and getting frustrated. I have some nice fitting marmot softshell pants, so marmot may be a good choice for my body type.

J. Lopes
(Jay_NJ) - F
nf on 09/20/2011 11:34:24 MDT Print View

I have two different types of Northface pants that I would consider slimmer then most hiking pants.

Emmett Lyman
(ejl10) - F

Locale: Mid Atlantic
Re: slim fit hiking pants! on 09/20/2011 12:34:03 MDT Print View

+1 on the Ramparts. I bought them for rock climbing, but also love them for hiking.

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
Climbing pants on 09/20/2011 13:28:11 MDT Print View

Climbing pants often have tight fit ... Dead bird ramparts/gamma lt, patagucci some of the guide pants, prana, etc

If u have a tight azzz u can always wear the womens sizes ... In hawt pink of course ;)

Stephan Doyle
Re: Re: slim fit hiking pants! on 09/20/2011 14:17:48 MDT Print View

I wouldn't describe the Ramparts as a slim fit. The Palisades are better for that. I'd describe the Ramparts as a typical cargo pant/khaki type fit (making them great for warm weather).

Colin MacCall
(colinm) - F
+1 on TNF on 09/20/2011 22:22:05 MDT Print View

+1 on TNF

I have searched for slim fit hiking pants for years! The REI Sahara pants are so baggy it is difficult to lift my knee up in them.

I had the Arcteryx Ramparts, but I too like the slightly slimmer fit of Palisades pant. The Gamma AR pant take slim fit to extremes... looks like I'm wearing tights.

My favorite has been (believe it or not) The North Face Outbound pant. For convertibles, I like The North Face Paramount Peak (they are still a tad baggy, but much better than the REI Sahara).

None of these are inexpensive though. :/

Edited by colinm on 09/20/2011 22:28:54 MDT.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Slim fit hiking pants on 09/20/2011 22:41:51 MDT Print View

Railriders Backcountry Khakis

Ryan C
(radio_guy) - MLife

Locale: Alaska
Railriders on 09/20/2011 23:44:06 MDT Print View

1+ Railriders. Love mine, best fitting pants I have.

Jimmy Bui
(jimdbui) - F
Marmot Rockstar/Matthews on 08/24/2012 00:42:16 MDT Print View indeed does have some slim-fitting pants. I have the Climbers and they are the best pants I've ever owned, because they look good, feel good, and work in the city and on the trail. They were my only pair of pants for nine days while traveling around the city and hiking/camping in Oregon. However, they cost a pretty penny and because they are softshell, they run hot when you really get going in the sun in them. Rolling them up doesn't help since the slim fit will seal in the heat and really cook the eggs...

I bought a pair of Marmot Rockstar pants which are more of a thinner softshell with a straight leg cut. I've yet to test them out in the heat. I've tried the Arc'teryx Ramparts and they are too baggy. Marmot Matthews look like they can be a winner though. Good luck. Let us skinny boys know what you find!

Edited by jimdbui on 08/24/2012 00:44:07 MDT.

Robert Cowman
(rcowman) - F

Locale: Canadian Rockies
Re: Marmot Rockstar/Matthews on 08/24/2012 01:22:33 MDT Print View

Stoic pants are cheap and pretty slim on Arc'teryx ruined the ramparts 2 seasons ago and now the palisades with making them looser at the bottom and with more seams. Outdoor research ferrosi pants or equinox aren't bad and they have some new pants for fall out now.

Alejandro P
Im not the only one! on 08/24/2012 09:24:25 MDT Print View

Glad to know Im not the only one! I hate almost all trail pants. You don't see military ECWCS the size of parachute pants so why do they think its better? You end up snagging on everything. I have found that buying womans trail pants seems to work best as most of them are a slimmer fit. You just have to make sure they dont have the flared cut, ha! If your over 6'-2" this may be a problem.

Yeah it sounds kinda weird I guess, but hey what ever makes you the most comfortable on the trail.

Jimmy Bui
(jimdbui) - F
Stoic pants on 08/24/2012 15:50:06 MDT Print View

@robert cowman Good suggestion on Stoic. I took a look at their pants and they are pretty nice. It seems like the Microlith is fuzzier and warmer than the Overhang. The general consensus seems to be that you have to size up for your waist and your troopers...

William Wang
(billwang) - M

Locale: SF Bay Area
+1 ArcTeryx Palisade on 08/24/2012 16:41:56 MDT Print View

This year I just switched from REI sahara to the AT Palisade. They have a 35" inseam for size 32 waist that fits me perfectly. They are also more comfortable, seem to be very durable, and a few oz lighter including a very good belt. The cost if way higher, of course.