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modular comforter - 580g including 350g of 860 cuin
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antoine sa...
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modular comforter - 580g (20.45 oz) including 350g (12.34 oz) of 860 cuin on 09/19/2011 16:39:11 MDT Print View

Hi there !

I'm a french guy and write from Paris, I'm currently making a first series of ultralight down comforter, which, thanks to its rectangular design can be used as a quilt, as an under hammock insulation, and as a full body insulation (arms and head are protected, but not the legs of course !) once under a hooded jacket.



under a jacket


It weighs 580g including 350g of 860 cuin in size medium (210x120 cm), with a 400g filling option,

And 708g in size L (227.5x140 cm) with 430g 860cuin, optional 500g filling.

4 cm vertical baffling

black only in order to dry easily

The chamber's orientation makes it possible to move the down above your body in quilt mode, when it's cold, whereas when flat and used as a comforter, it becomes compatible with higher temperatures. You'll sleep safe, with your clothes on, at -5 C° (23 °F) with it. The perfect modular system in the high mountains in summer ! In winter, it improves dramatically you sarcophage sleeping bag's performances, and can be used as a serious insulation inside of an ultralight jacket, during these moments of bivouac when you don't sleep. Mo-du-lar, you got it ?!!!

I designed it, but it's made in Poland (have you heard about polish white goose down ?!!) specially for me, by a very well known producer.

There's already been prototypes tested successfully from sea level to 3800m. Right now it's about to be tested - with a special tester's price - by 20 members of BPL's french little brother (not affiliated, just an expression). US testers would be welcome too !

To be precise my main job is journalist, I film reports about environment while moving with a prototype, electric (1500w), full suspension, cargo, foldable bike and sleeping under my self made silnylon 420g tent ! Selling comforters is a trial to get more money for auto producing the reports.

Here's my website :

So, in order to make this comforter as popular as I expect it to be, I sell it at discount price for the 20 first US beta testers !

150 euros ($205 when I write this message, check conversion rates) for a size M with 350g of 860cuin down inside

160 euros for a size M with 400g inside

170 euros for a size L 430g

180 euros for a size L 500g

Once your size is chosen, taking the bigger quantity of down option means that you'll use it more often as a comforter than as a quilt. If not, take the cheaper/lighter version !

Shipping not included. In order to reduce the costs, though individual shipping is of course possible, I suggest to ship them all to one person who will dispatch in US. The guy or girl doing this good action would get his comforter 50 bucks cheaper !

Best regards,


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