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modular comforter - 580g including 350g of 860 cuin
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antoine sa...
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modular comforter - 580g including 350g of 860 cuin on 09/19/2011 07:45:03 MDT Print View

Hi there !

I write from France and this is my first message on BPL, though I follow your helpful brainstormings from Paris since a long time now.

I need your help in order not to be banned directly after my first message !!!

Here's the situation : I'm currently making a first series of ultralight down comforter, which, thanks to its rectangular fit can be used as a quilt, as an under hammock insulation, and as a full body insulation (arms and head are protected, but not the legs of course !) once under a hooded jacket.

It weighs 580g including 350g of 860 cuin in size medium, with a 400g filling option, and 708g in size L with 430g 860cuin, optional 500g filling.

There's already been prototypes tested successfully from sea level to 3800m, and right now it's about to be tested - with a special tester's price - by 20 members of BPL's french little brother (not affiliated, just an expression). US testers would be welcome too !

To be precise my main job is journalist, I film reports about environment while moving with a prototype, electric (1500w), full suspension, cargo, foldable bike and sleeping under my self made silnylon 420g tent ! Selling comforters is a trial to get more money for auto producing the reports.

So, as I can be considered as a professionnal trying to make an add on this forum, I'd like to know what I'm supposed to do or not. Thanks for your advices !

Best regards,


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Re: modular comforter - 580g including 350g of 860 cuin on 09/19/2011 11:48:17 MDT Print View

Bonjour Antoine,

Welcome to BPL and kudos on your new gear constructing pursuit. The best place to post your offer for gear testers is probably under the "Gear Deals" section.

antoine sa...
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thanks on 09/19/2011 15:48:50 MDT Print View

thanks, a-gould !