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A Marriage Proposal on Walden Pond
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Addie Bedford
(addiebedford) - MLife

Locale: Montana
A Marriage Proposal on Walden Pond on 08/30/2011 13:12:46 MDT Print View

Companion forum thread to:

A Marriage Proposal on Walden Pond

Lars Laird Iversen
(larslaird) - M
Congratulations! on 08/31/2011 12:30:36 MDT Print View

Myself, I proposed in a bog. They can be remarkably romantic in early fall. She too said yes! I canĀ“t say that she is a non-hiker though. In fact, she far better than me at actually getting out in the forest rather than spending time on outdoorsy websites...

Clint Hewitt
(WalkSoftly33) - F

Locale: New England
Congrats on 08/31/2011 12:50:52 MDT Print View


Well written I might add. May have watered up there a bit, ehh I m a romantic.

Goof Stuff, Thanks for sharing.

Happy Trails

Miguel Arboleda
(butuki) - MLife

Locale: Kanto Plain, Japan
Re: A Marriage Proposal on Walden Pond on 08/31/2011 15:20:26 MDT Print View

Great story! I love the way you made it short and spare, with only the necessary details, but with a lot of humor and affection in it. And I love the tension of waiting to know what she would say.

I used to live in Newton, outside Boston, and I would daily bicycle out to Walden after work in the summer and go skinny dipping at night. I also went there in winter to go skating and I loved listening to the booming whiplash of the ice bowing under the weight of my friends and me. I even skinny dipped in April when ice still rimmed the edges of the lake.

You might have had a much easier and more romantic time coming into the park from the Lincoln side, from the direction going out towards Great Meadows (a place that is much closer to what Thoreau knew than present day Walden). It's much quieter, with almost no cars.

Paul Magnanti
(PaulMags) - MLife

Locale: People's Republic of Boulder
Proposal on 09/01/2011 08:26:26 MDT Print View

Wonderful reading!

I proposed this past year under the "Mega Moon" in March.

Adrianna and I met on a full moon hike, so proposing on a full moon hike seem appropriate.

Packed in the wine, strawberries, chocolate.

We approached a favorite site in the Boulder foothills for full moon hiking.

As we enjoyed the ambiance of the night, I pulled out the goodies. Out came the strawberries. The chocolate. And a small ring box.

Opened it up.

I did not say a word.

She looked at me and said "Is that cheese???"

(She eventually realized what it was and said "yes". :) )

Best Full Moon Hiker ever

Diane Pinkers
(dipink) - MLife

Locale: Western Washington
Oh, Paul! on 09/01/2011 11:17:14 MDT Print View

"Is that cheese?"

That made me laugh---that's sounds like something I would say!

Jarod Fleming
(flemdawg1) - F

Locale: SE US
Re: Cheese on 09/01/2011 11:45:58 MDT Print View

"Is That Cheese?"

I would def say she has her priorities right. :-D

Congrats MAGS!

Paul Magnanti
(PaulMags) - MLife

Locale: People's Republic of Boulder
Cheese on 09/01/2011 15:51:41 MDT Print View

Heh...yeah, she knows how I am about food. So not a surprise she thought it was food. ;)

Tom Clark
(TomClark) - MLife

Locale: East Coast
Re: A Marriage Proposal on Walden Pond on 09/03/2011 13:06:07 MDT Print View

Very nice. I proposed along the AT at Bear Mountain in NY. However, it was sunset in late summer and there was a bottle of champagne (mostly consumed by me for some Dutch courage).

Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: A Marriage Proposal on Walden Pond on 09/03/2011 13:19:41 MDT Print View

A most courageous enterprise :) Would ol' Henry David approve of a wife? I wonder....

I popped the question on the shores of False Bay on San Juan Island. False Bay because it is only a couple feet deep at high tide:

That was 27 years ago, so I guess it worked :)

Now I have two noisy roommates (read "offspring") I can't get rid of, I'm $200k in debt (mortgage) and I wake up with a 59 year old woman in my bed. Sigh.....

Helllllp meeeeeee!

Chris Moses
(hughnormus) - F
Marriage Proposal on 09/12/2011 09:38:40 MDT Print View

Awesome!! My wife and I were engaged on Isle Royale in 2003 on day 5. Moose were grazing in Chicken Bone Lake right behind us at the same moment.

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