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Quick! Beta on bugs? Ice? Sierras?
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Gabriel Pramuk
(gpramuk) - F

Locale: West
Quick! Beta on bugs? Ice? Sierras? on 08/29/2011 00:20:09 MDT Print View

I'm leaving Tuesday. Sierra High Route from Twin Lakes. Do I need my bug net? I'll have a head net at a totally unthinkable .67 ounces. They should be dieing off around now, but it has been a weird late year. I am planning on bringing my ice axe... but I don't want to. Again, weird late year, high on snow. Do I need it for the SHR sobo this late? Can I wear shorts sans deet? How have thunderstorms been?

Quick gear overview and plans and background for reference.
Golite Jam, MH Phantom 32, torso ridgerest, bear can, thermals, light raincoat/windbreaker, no cook, aquamira, cuben flat tarp. Typical ultralight. 30ish miles per day on trails. thinking more like 15-18 in the Sierras with time for navigation, swimming, climbing, route finding, scrambling...

I'll probably just catch the bus out at Reds if it is still open, or pony up the big bucks at VVR for food. Save 35 on shipping+pickup fee and spend it on $3 Clif Bars.

OK! I think That is it.