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need ideas to MYOG for Swimming Pool Noodles from walmart
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Rodney OndaRock
(RodneyOndaRock) - F

Locale: Southern California
need ideas to MYOG for Swimming Pool Noodles from walmart on 08/03/2011 15:38:15 MDT Print View

something about those swimming pool floating foam noodles is screaming potential MYOG.

cut/slice off a 12 inch strip of the 6 ft long noodle.
then slice it length wise, to make two half circles.
can use it as:
1) a neck pillow, it's lightweight
2) a splint for a broken limb
3) connect 2 halves sideways with duct tape (like a book binding) to make a sitting pad.
4) a lousy flotation device
5) add it to retrofit a backpack bag that lacks lumbar support padding
6) sheds water quickly, foam plastic can burn slowly, black smoke will kill you though.
7) store the pointy tent stakes, protect your backpack from tear
8) slice off 1 sq in for fishing float

my ideas are weak - do you have any better ideas?

swimming pool noodle walmart cheap

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Corey Miller
(coreyfmiller) - F

Locale: Eastern Canada
Pool Noodle on 08/04/2011 18:41:02 MDT Print View

Well... I sat here and thought about it... then I figured if I went to the shed and smoked something... I could come up with at least three things. So here they are.

A three foot piece of this should be able to do the following.

1. A lightweight fishing pole protector. Fishing pole needs to be two sections.

2 Repair a broken tent pole. Would have to tape the pole together inside to keep it
from slipping in the noodle. I would have drawn a diagram but see above.

3. A swimming noodle so you don't drown when you go for a dip in the river.

4. Good whacking stick for putting out a fire on your buddies back. Throw a stick in
and he will never know.

5. A hot dog keeper warmer

6. A way to sword fight with a camping buddy if such a duel need to take place on the

This last one is just a thought, but if you strapped could rig your headlamp to shine through it... I think it would make a decent lantern. I do this with gallon jugs of water but I've also seen glow sticks that are covered in this stuff.

Well, that's all 3. Hope you enjoy.


Terry Trimble
(socal-nomad) - F

Locale: North San Diego county
need ideas to MYOG for Swimming Pool Noodles from walmart" on 08/05/2011 17:12:30 MDT Print View

I have seen half round piece of foam used on vintage rucksacks and vintage european military rucks. Used as foam ribs between your back and the pack to protect your back from hard items in the pack and ventilation. So if you could find small 2 inches or less diameter noodles you could slice it in half and use it as for ventilation tube sewn in to the pack back.

Ryan Nakahara
(kife42) - F

Locale: Hawaii
shoulder straps on 08/06/2011 16:42:48 MDT Print View

i used smaller versions of this, cut in half, to add padding to shoulder straps on my jam 2.

Edited by kife42 on 08/06/2011 16:43:33 MDT.