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Which fabric for a bathtub floor?
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Which fabric for a bathtub floor? on 08/02/2011 13:38:03 MDT Print View

I require absolute waterproofness, so 30d silnylon is out.

Now the choice comes down to either 70d silnylon or PU-coated taffeta? Which one?

Greg Mihalik
(greg23) - M

Locale: Colorado
Re: Which fabric for a bathtub floor? on 08/02/2011 14:14:46 MDT Print View

"...absolute waterproofness..." as in the pressure of one knee on very soggy ground - ~25,000 mm H2O?

yup on 08/02/2011 14:43:40 MDT Print View

Something like that.

Stuart R
(Scunnered) - F

Locale: Scotland
Re: Which fabric for a bathtub floor? on 08/02/2011 15:12:43 MDT Print View

I used PU-coated nylon. It feels more robust than silnylon and a lot less slippery. Well worth the marginal extra weight IMHO.

Tim Marshall
(MarshLaw303) - MLife

Locale: Minnesota
Re: Re: Which fabric for a bathtub floor? on 08/02/2011 16:28:36 MDT Print View

if you want 70D use the sil, awesome stuff!


well on 08/02/2011 16:49:08 MDT Print View

Well, I settled on PU-coated taffeta.

Does anyone know good source for the fabric?

David Olsen

Locale: Steptoe Butte
I could send some along with your tent. on 08/02/2011 17:18:44 MDT Print View


I have PU 70d in coyote brown with .75 oz coat, which is about as light as I would go if
you want higher pressure waterproof. $4 a yard, 58" width to send it with the 'mid.

I have some heavier 1+ oz/ yard sq. coated 70d too. Not light.


Dave.. on 08/02/2011 17:24:02 MDT Print View


Would .75 coat be able to handle, for example, standing water?

As for the heavier coat, how not light is not light? What do you estimate a 8 x 6 tub (to be used in your tarp) would weigh?

Edited by herzzreh on 08/02/2011 17:29:30 MDT.

David Olsen

Locale: Steptoe Butte
tub weight est. on 08/03/2011 11:21:26 MDT Print View

You can check my math.

For 70d with a .75 oz coating finished weight of aprox 2.75 oz per
yard squared. HH after wear tested of 3515 mm

Allowing for 5 " sidewalls and a hem.
8.5X6.5 equals 55.25 square feet or 6.1 square yards.
6.1 X 2.75 oz equals 16.8 ounces or roughly 1 lb.


With a heavier coating, say 1.5 oz you would add
6.1 X .75 equals 4.6 ounces for a total with the thickest coating
of 21.4 ounces. Richard's HH after wear testing was also 3515


If you used some 70d with a .5 oz silicone coating,
which has the HH after wear testing of 3445, the total weight
would run about 15.25 oz.