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FS: Nylofume Bags, Round 3
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James Reilly
(zippymorocco) - M

Locale: Montana
I'll take 10 on 03/17/2012 00:57:21 MDT Print View

I think this brings us to 60?

William Chilton
(WilliamC3) - MLife

Locale: Antakya
Shipping to Turkey on 03/17/2012 01:03:46 MDT Print View

Actually, I'd prefer shipping to the UK and have them brought out to Turkey by visitors. (New regulations only allow five foreign packages to Turkey, after which every package gets held at customs until duty is paid, regardless of value.) I don't know actual cost, but should be less than $10. Obviously I'd pay the shipping.

Bridget Guildner

Locale: Cascadia
10 more on 03/17/2012 01:53:43 MDT Print View

I'd take 10, that should make 70.

bags on 03/17/2012 05:17:59 MDT Print View

Id take 10 too, but no one has volunteered to distribute.

Darrin Boring
(Tupelo) - F
bags on 03/17/2012 07:57:12 MDT Print View

So if Martin b takes 10 that would make 80, and I would be in for 10 making 90.

Jim DeMoss
(dirtymingo) - F
5 + 90 = 95 on 03/17/2012 10:46:12 MDT Print View

If this happens, I'll take 5. I might bow out though if I hear back from a guy in San Jose who said if I called and stopped by his office he would just give me some. I live 1000 mi away so I'm gonna try and talk him into shipping them to me. If he is willing, I will put his contact info here.

Jim Fitzgerald
(jimfitz12000) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Nylofume Bags on 03/17/2012 13:50:09 MDT Print View

I will take ten. I believe this makes 105 total.

Matthew Or
(MattO) - F
moving addresses on 03/18/2012 16:26:07 MDT Print View

I would volunteer to ship them, but I am between military bases right now. I am currently in Okinawa Japan and in the process of moving to San Diego. I will not have a postal address for another month or so. I will eventually get the mail that is sent to me but it will probably take a month or two as it will get sent here to Japan and then get forwarded to San Diego when we get a new mailing address there.

Frank H.
(porker110) - M

Locale: California
Nylofume bags on 03/18/2012 16:28:17 MDT Print View

I'll take ten


Phillip Colelli

Locale: AT, follow@
Re: Nylofume bags on 03/18/2012 16:30:25 MDT Print View

I think I'm gonna have to be out on this one actually. I'm leaving for a thru in 9 days so I don't think this is gonna work out no matter what. Sounds like there will still be plenty of takers though.

-5 bags for me.

Scott Pickard

Locale: Southern California
Nylofume bags on 03/18/2012 18:28:35 MDT Print View

5 here if anyone drops out or fails to pay.


Tyler H
(ctwnwood) - F

Locale: The Palouse
nylofume bags on 03/19/2012 14:10:16 MDT Print View

Ok folks, my count is 100. That means this round is closed. I could volunteer to distribute these things if nobody else will. I do, however, want to make sure that we've counted right and people are committed.

This thread has become rather unwieldy in terms of counting orders, so how about you send an email with "NYLOFUME" as the subject to with:
-Your name
-How many bags you are buying
-Your address

If after a couple days there are extras I will announce that. Please do not send me an email if you haven't posted in the thread yet for this round. Do not send an email with something like 'I might be in for x if x but not if x'. Know what I mean?

Once I have the full count everybody will paypal me while I simultaneously ship out the bags.

Edited by ctwnwood on 03/19/2012 23:28:13 MDT.

Tyler H
(ctwnwood) - F

Locale: The Palouse
nylofume bags - rules for this round on 03/19/2012 14:24:16 MDT Print View

Just to clarify because the info is spread out over a number of threads, this is the math/pricing I'm operating under (from Greg):

"A box of 100 is $65, plus $25 for FedEx Ground, which brings the cost to $.90 per bag.
A large envelope and postage for 5 bags is $2.50.

For a 5 bag minimum, the cost will be $4.50, plus $2.50 S&H, for a total of $7.00"

So in summary 5 bags=$7.00 and 10 bags=$11.50

Edit: Ok so the math is not quite what is posted above. By my and Greg's calculations I should break even at 5/$7. It sounds like $13 is closer to breaking even for 10. How does 5/$7 and 10/$13 sound to everybody?

Edited by ctwnwood on 03/19/2012 16:43:44 MDT.

/A .
(biointegra) - MLife

Locale: Puget Sound
Re: Nylofume Bags on 03/19/2012 15:38:57 MDT Print View

+10 for me, if possible [maybe we can get enough for 200 total]

Greg Mihalik
(greg23) - M

Locale: Colorado
Re: nylofume bags - rules for this round on 03/19/2012 15:40:36 MDT Print View

Postage for five bags (4.6 ounces) and the envelope (0.52 ounces) is $1.90
For 10 bags the postage will be $2.70 - so $12.70 for 10 bags
And Not including the cost of the envelope in either case.

For 15 bags the weight is 14.32 ounces, and out of the First Class table, but assuredly more.

And this depends on the size and weight of the envelope you use.

There is ZERO margin here, so be sure of your postage before folks send you money.
And I wouldn't hesitate to round up a little.


Edited by greg23 on 03/19/2012 15:56:35 MDT.

Tyler H
(ctwnwood) - F

Locale: The Palouse
re: nylofume bags - rules for this round on 03/19/2012 16:53:29 MDT Print View

Edit: Ok so the math is not quite what is posted above. By my and Greg's calculations I should break even at 5/$7. It sounds like $13 is closer to breaking even for 10. How does 5/$7 and 10/$13 sound to everybody?

Also, it'd be easiest if you just ordered 10 :)

Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Re: nylofume bags - rules for this round on 03/19/2012 17:08:42 MDT Print View

Greg, it didn't seem like it was this complicated when I sent those five to you.

Tyler, how much would it cost me for about a bag and a half? (Nevermind!)


Jim DeMoss
(dirtymingo) - F
Local option for San Jose area on 03/19/2012 17:57:16 MDT Print View

In the end, after playing phone tag for a few days, the guy I talked to (Jim) was unwilling to ship me any bags. But, he did say originally that he would give me some if I called before I stopped by the office (South Bay area).

If any of you in that area want to give this guy a try here is the info:

Again, I called the South Bay location. GL.

Anyone who gets love there should get some for the rest of us, of course :)

Edited by dirtymingo on 03/19/2012 17:58:06 MDT.

Tyler H
(ctwnwood) - F

Locale: The Palouse
nylofumes closed on 03/19/2012 21:31:12 MDT Print View

All of the 100 bags in this round have been spoken for. I apologize if you were hoping to get in and didn't, but I'm just going to leave my contribution at the one box.

Now everybody has the info so this shouldn't be hard to pull off again, I think Bob said something about wanting to jump in.

I have 10 bags each to:
William C
David D
Martin B
James R
Matt O
Jim D
Darrin B
Jim F
Scott P

Edit: I will place the order tomorrow morning and ship whenever they arrive. Paypal personal at any time, same email.

Edited by ctwnwood on 03/19/2012 21:41:33 MDT.

Darrrin Boring
(dboring) - F

Locale: Tennessee
bags on 03/23/2012 21:17:01 MDT Print View

Payment sent. Thanks Tyler for doing this!!