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MYOG Summer Quilt
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Kevin Ridge

Locale: Southeast MI
MYOG Summer Quilt on 07/22/2011 20:09:44 MDT Print View

Don't post a ton here, tend to be a lurker, but I just finished my new summer quilt and thought I would show it off a bit.
Momentum90 fabric
7oz of 800 down
74x52 at the head
drawstring footbox and buttons
total is 14oz
This is for both hammock and the occasional ground time.
Thanks for looking

P1000157 w

P1000160 w

P1000159 w

Joe Clement
(skinewmexico) - MLife

Locale: Southwest
MYOG Summer Quilt on 07/22/2011 20:13:48 MDT Print View

Nice. Looks pretty warm though. But it's 9pm here, and 96 degrees, so I may think of a summer quilt differently.

Kevin Ridge

Locale: Southeast MI
Re: summer on 07/22/2011 20:32:47 MDT Print View

I am up in the UP of Michigan pretty often and night times close to lake superior can get pretty chilly. A lot of 50 degree nights.

Michael Barber

Locale: Western NC Mountains
Nice on 07/23/2011 19:42:17 MDT Print View

That looks great! The sewing looks really good from the photos.

Jamie Shortt
(jshortt) - MLife

Locale: North Carolina
Re: MYOG Summer Quilt on 07/24/2011 13:40:52 MDT Print View

Kevin, Nice job with the quilt. It looks like you used buttons to close the footbox. Do I see that correct? Seems like a good alternative to velcro, zipper, and snaps. Do you like how the footbox closes?


Adam Rothermich
(aroth87) - F

Locale: Missouri Ozarks
Re: MYOG Summer Quilt on 07/24/2011 14:14:13 MDT Print View

--But it's 9pm here, and 96 degrees, so I may think of a summer quilt differently.--

+1. For me a summer quilt is a cotton sheet!

It looks great though! I love the quilt I made, its my favorite piece of gear. I'm sure you'll enjoy using it (and showing it off!). Buttons were a good idea, I used velcro and it sometimes sticks to my socks/bottoms and it can be a pain. Might I suggest adding one at the top to keep it around your shoulders? I did that on mine and it helps it seal around me a lot better and keep out drafts. It won't make any difference on a hammock but on the ground I find it to make a huge difference.


Kevin Ridge

Locale: Southeast MI
RE: Buttons on 07/24/2011 14:54:56 MDT Print View

Thanks guys.
In my previous quilt, I used snaps. They work fine, but since I don't really move when I sleep(freaks the wife out sometimes) I figured buttons would be lighter. I have plans on adding some grosgrain tabs to close it up for ground use depending on when that happens. Closes up just like I wanted it to. Really happy how it worked out.

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whitenoise .
(whitenoise) - F
Looks great on 08/18/2011 16:36:19 MDT Print View

Looks great Kevin. How much did the total project cost, how long did it take to cosntruct, and where did you buy your Momentum fabric?

Kevin Ridge

Locale: Southeast MI
cost and stuff on 08/18/2011 18:01:32 MDT Print View

materials and down around $80. Got the M90 from Thru-Hiker, got the 800 fill from a friend. Took about 3 days (6 hrs) total. Though not my first quilt though. Used last week and it worked great. really like it.