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Summer Sausage
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Eddy Walker

Locale: southeast
Summer Sausage on 07/21/2011 14:21:43 MDT Print View

I am looking for some good summer sausage to buy.

I have tried the following brands: Hickory Farms, Old Wisconsin(one of the better ones), New Johnsville, Jacks Link and others. None of them really popped out to me :(

I did find this company online and was wondering if anyone had tried them and could give a thumbs up or down on their product.


Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Summer Sausage on 07/21/2011 14:30:52 MDT Print View

Most summer sausage is made out of beef or pork or combination thereof.

Where can you find good turkey sausage? I have a few little 1-ounce turkey sausages left, but I will need more soon. They are dandy for a backpacking meal.


Greg Mihalik
(greg23) - M

Locale: Colorado
Re: Vermont Smoke and Cure on 07/21/2011 14:42:35 MDT Print View

One more to try.

Not cheap, but I like them.

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Eddy Walker

Locale: southeast
Re: Re: Vermont Smoke and Cure on 07/21/2011 15:12:59 MDT Print View

those look good. I bookmarked their site

Mary D
(hikinggranny) - MLife
Summer Sausage on 07/21/2011 15:36:12 MDT Print View

Just a warning about the risks of eating cured meats. My ex-husband passed away from stomach cancer a couple of weeks ago. He was basically symptomless until the stomach mass started throwing blood clots and he was hospitalized with a pulmonary embolism. While we had been separated for over 30 years, his death was still a blow and I am heavily involved in consoling our children and grandchildren.

One of the risk factors for stomach cancer is a diet heavy in cured meats (ham, sausage, bacon, hot dogs, many lunch meats, etc.). It is especially suggested that if you have other risks, such as family history of stomach cancer (which my children now have) or a history of ulcers or heartburn, that you decrease your risk by avoiding cured meats and eating a diet high in fruits and veggies. My ex's father also died of stomach cancer, and my ex loved his sausage and bacon, so he had two high risk factors. It's too bad he didn't notify his physician about those risk factors!

Sorry about the digression!

Edited by hikinggranny on 07/21/2011 19:03:55 MDT.

Laurie Ann March
(Laurie_Ann) - F

Locale: Ontario, Canada
so sorry on 07/21/2011 19:06:38 MDT Print View

Mary... I am so sorry. It must be especially hard for the kids. Thank you for taking the time to share that.

Sarah Kirkconnell
(sarbar) - F

Locale: In the shadow of Mt. Rainier
Re: Mary on 07/21/2011 19:21:37 MDT Print View

:-( Sorry to hear that.....the aftermath sucks so much.

I really avoid cured meats as they are overall so unhealthy (although tasty).

(grimstuff) - F
Sodium nitrites are what you need to think about, not simply cured meats on 09/01/2011 10:47:43 MDT Print View

Cured meats themselves are not "unhealthy," per se. It is the sodium nitrite--(at first nitrate, then nitrite as it interacts with the meat and your GI tract) that is used to preserve flavor and protect the meats from the growth of botulism--that's the concern. However, today, you can buy most cured meats without added nitrites. Trader Joes, for example, has a lot of meat products without nitrites.

Edited by grimstuff on 09/01/2011 10:48:38 MDT.

Reginald Donaldson
(worth) - MLife

Locale: Wind River Range
BavariaSausage on 09/05/2011 19:57:18 MDT Print View

I have not tried their summer sausage but I do like their landjager, especially the peppered landjager. I hung some in my den a little over a week ago to dry for an upcoming canoe trip. Drying it concentrates the flavor and greatly diminishes its weight. If you do not allow it to breath, it will mold. Thus, I carry them in a cotton bag and not a plastic bag.

Eddy Walker

Locale: southeast
Re: BavariaSausage on 09/08/2011 10:28:38 MDT Print View

I was starting to wonder if anyone had used their product before. thanks for the info