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Wild Exped
(bankse) - MLife

Locale: OZ on 07/21/2011 02:03:31 MDT Print View

Anyone used this site? I was contacted by another member and pointed this way but it looks dodgy (look around..) and seems to be updated on the day (the couple of times i have seen the site mentioned). I put in a report on them a few months ago. The person pm'ing about them or the business itself might like to explain things a bit better. Meanwhile, my advice was (and is) to steer clear for now..

Claudio Zanoni
nice store, good prices, excellent service on 07/21/2011 03:32:55 MDT Print View

Hi there,

I am from Switzerland and ordered from this shop twice. My experiences:

- very friendly customer service
- matching the lowest retail prices
- obtains nearly any type of gear for you
I ordered Golite, Gossamer gear, Arcteryx pants & gloves, evernew, etc.
- you pay for exact shipping only (and only once, as one source for all gear)
- shopping/payment transactions through google checkout
(with a lot of positive feedback from other users,
which helped me when ordering the first time)

I am very happy with my purchases so far and will definitely order there again when I need some gear.


p.s. If you think this is a fake then you should check out my other post about evolving to an ultralight hiker... the new gear in these posts was all purchased from this store...

Wild Exped
(bankse) - MLife

Locale: OZ
Excellent on 07/21/2011 04:08:35 MDT Print View

Anyone else?

Richard Malpass

Locale: Australia, Planet Earth,
Look ok on 07/21/2011 04:49:35 MDT Print View

I peruse a lot of the bargain sites and I recognise a lot of their stock from those sites. They dont have much that I havent seen at those sites as of late, so I would say they are legit. If they were not legit they would have all the stock under the sun, not just the odd size and colour.

Sab .
(sabme) - F - M

Locale: SW UK
PERFECT on 07/21/2011 05:17:09 MDT Print View

Hello All

I only recently discovered and I wish I had known about them years ago! They are absolutely perfect for my needs. Living in the UK it is often difficult to get the gear I want without paying through the nose for shipping etc. Sean at U.O. has been fantastically helpful, going way beyond the bounds of other retailers to help me get the stuff I want and at as good a price as any other store I've ever bought from. They may have to order in your items but that's not a problem for me.

Didn't mean to sound over the top but they definitely are legit and very helpful!


Wild Exped
(bankse) - MLife

Locale: OZ
Fair Enough on 07/21/2011 06:28:33 MDT Print View

This is all good, i got a link from a member who hadnt posted anything sending me to a website with a few duplicate entries that had been updated that day. If they are good this is a positive topic from them. Admin said they would look into it, haven't heard since. Dont need anything, just thought it was a good question to ask on behalf of those who do.

Claudio Zanoni
(zachiator) - anyone in contact recently? on 10/01/2012 02:02:02 MDT Print View

Hi All,

Has any of you been in contact with this site / shop recently?


Dan Rimar

Locale: Florida
Golite on 10/01/2012 06:59:53 MDT Print View

I ordered a Golite Poncho Tarp last week. Received it 3 days later..

Claudio Zanoni
(zachiator) on 10/01/2012 09:52:21 MDT Print View

weird... I have been mailing to the e-mail address for weeks without response...
Were you in direct e-mail contact... the internation dial number continuously kicks me out as well...

Bummer, real bummer... cause I ordered there twice in the past and liked the service very much...

Sean, are you in this forum by a chance?...

michael levi
(M.L) - F

Locale: W-Never Eat Soggy (W)affles
good compay on 10/01/2012 20:58:06 MDT Print View

Seriously this site shipped my poncho tarp superfast and even threw in a spork for free. Thier website isnt the prettiest but there are a lot of people especially on this site who like them.

Claudio Zanoni
(zachiator) on 10/02/2012 00:56:39 MDT Print View

That's how I know them too.... I too, received a free spork and had superfast responses... It just seems weird...

I just sent an e-mail using a different sender account, maybe my e-mails got into a spam filter or something...

Would anyone mind giving the number a quick ring?
(888) 551-8485

I really cannot get a connection to this number (it claims, there is charging information for my area code....)

That would ge really cool...

Remington Roth

Locale: Atlantic Coast
I just called on 10/02/2012 06:30:55 MDT Print View

I just called the number like you asked. It rang for a while and then I got their answering machine - very professional by the way. It looks like they might be on holiday or something like that (this is only my guess, the answering machine didn't say that). If it's a small business, it isn't too unrealistic for the company to shut down for a few days (especially if they are run by people who want to get out and hike!)

Best of luck.

Claudio Zanoni
(zachiator) on 10/02/2012 08:47:52 MDT Print View

cool... thanks a lot for that... really appreciate it!
The thing is that I have not heard back from them since Sep 6....

Well, maybe a long holiday then... I am going to be off myself as of next Saturday for 2 weeks... I'll retry after that...

Hopefully, that will have resolved by then... I really like the shop...

Chad "Stick" Poindexter
(Stick) - F

Locale: Wet & Humid Southeast....
Great service and quick shipping for me on 10/02/2012 19:35:08 MDT Print View

I bought a GoLite Poncho tarp from them a while back when they were all sold out at GoLite. This place seemed like the only place that had them "in stock." However, before placing the order, I emailed them via the contact link at the bottom of their site. About 30 minutes later, I figured what the heck, and placed the order. The same instant I hit submit on the order screen, my phone buzzed and I had an email. It was from the shop, and they assured me that they were indeed in stock and would even ship out that day if ordered. I responded back and told him that I just placed the order and thanked him. I quickly got another email thanking me for the purchase and telling me that he would have it in the mail that day.

Then, 3 days later, it was in my hands...and same as with another poster above, I even had a free spork!

I would not hesitate to use them again if I needed too. I did use the "Google Wallet" to make my payment too...and I am here in the States...

Claudio Zanoni
(zachiator) - no reaction on 10/23/2012 03:15:10 MDT Print View


Edited by zachiator on 10/23/2012 03:16:11 MDT.

Claudio Zanoni
(zachiator) - no reaction on 10/23/2012 03:15:25 MDT Print View

Hi All,

I returned from my trip and have not had any responses from the shop. I wrote to:

No response to several e-mails since beg Sep... It's really weird...

Would anyone mind giving the number a quick ring again?
(888) 551-8485

I really cannot get a connection to this number (it claims, there is no charging information for my area code....)

I'd really hate to give up this shop as a source for UL gear to ship to Europe...


Edited by zachiator on 10/23/2012 03:16:45 MDT.

Tad Englund
(bestbuilder) - F - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: on 10/23/2012 11:05:17 MDT Print View

Claudio, I just called the number- ring a few times then reach a message saying they were Ultralight outfitters and for customer service to email the link you posted.

I left a message that you were trying to get a hold of them.


Ryan Smith
(ViolentGreen) - F

Locale: Southeast
Re: Re: on 10/23/2012 11:20:24 MDT Print View

I bought a previous model Neoair regular size from them about 2 weeks ago. Fast shipping and good communication.


Claudio Zanoni
back in communication on 10/24/2012 05:20:02 MDT Print View

Hi All,

Apparently, some of you were able to get through to Sean from ultraliteoutfitters. Sean meanwhile contacted me by e-mail and everything seems to be back to normal. They changed their website and maybe along with that something went wrong with their mails.

Anyway, we are back in contact now. I expect communication to be smooth from now onwards.

Thanks to everyone who assisted me.

Claudio Zanoni
(zachiator) on 02/08/2013 06:46:21 MST Print View

Hi All,

Same old story here...
Again, we exchanged a couple of e-mails on my order... now it's been months since I had the last response... Frustrating really...

The backup e-mail I was provided with does not even exist anymore (gmail failure message).

Would any of you bother calling the guy again?...
(888) 551-8485

I really cannot get a connection...

Starting to loose my patience, his service was excellent... if not unique (collecting UL stuff and mail it in bulk internationally... based on a google checkout order)...

Does anyone know of any UL-shop providing something similar?