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Hawk Vittles
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Tim & Shell
(McCargoe) - F
Hawk Vittles on 07/19/2011 00:33:58 MDT Print View

I heard a lot of great things about this guys dehydrated food. In other words, it blows Mountain House and other similar brands out of the water. With that noted, I’d love to sample all of the items that Hawk has to offer. However, that would be pretty expensive UNLESS there would be someone, or several other people, who are also equally as interested and eager to try out new backpacking food that might taste like gourmet meals. If you are interested check out I have also taken the opportunity to list every item that he has down below. The plan would be to buy a single serving size of every item and split it in half with another person(s). This would give us each a decent taste of an item at a more affordable price, because god knows I hate buying food for a backpacking trip only to find out that it tastes like crap and that I had been carrying crap in my bag which added unnecessary weight. If you are interested in trying anything, you would be required to pay half the single serving size plus shipping. Let me know. Again, I will list all items below, so once someone has signed up for trying something in particular that item will no longer be available. Please list what you are interested in below and PM me. Once I have enough people interested I will notify everyone to send me a paypal payment so I can place the order. The prices found below are the price you and I would pay for each of our half single portions. If there was someone out there that wanted to try everything just like me, it would cost $122.75 plus the cost of shipping it to your house. Thanks.

Breakfast Casserole $2.75
Packers Potatoes $2.75
Hash Browns and Sausage $2.75
Breakfast Grits $2.75
Country Quiche $3.00
Instant Oatmeal $2.25
Beef Stew $2.75
Bison Stew $3.25
Black Bean Stew $2.75
Bacon Baked Beans $2.75
Cheddar Cheese Soup $2.75
Fiesta Frijoles $2.75
Moroccan Soup $2.75
North African Stew $2.75
Peanut Soup $2.75
Potato Soup Parmesan $2.75
Southwest Chili $2.75
Buffalo Pasta $3.25
Cashew Curry $3.25
Chicken Pilaf $3.00
Clam Vermicelli $3.25
Cowboy Pasta $2.75
Crab Fettuccini $3.50
Crab Frittata $3.50
Devil’s Gate Crab Casserole $3.50
Hot Italian Sausage Pasta $2.75
Lasanga $3.00
Linguini w/Mushroom Sauce $3.00
Saucy Tuna $2.75
Shrimp Capellini $3.50
Shrimp Jambalaya $3.50
Shrimp Whimsy $3.50
Sierra Spaghetti $2.75
Southwest Lasagna $3.25
Spicy Chicken $2.75
Stir Fry Salmon $3.25
Sweet Italian Sausage & Pasta $2.75

Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
Sodium contents??? on 07/20/2011 21:51:05 MDT Print View

I'd need a listing of sodium content for each food.


Chris Morgan
(ChrisMorgan) - F

Locale: Southern Oregon
Re: Hawk Vittles on 07/20/2011 22:39:45 MDT Print View

I've tried a few of his things. From what I can remember (+ equals my makeshift star system):

Breakfast Casserole ++
Buffalo Pasta +++
Devils Gate Crab Casserole ++
Hot Italian Sausage and Pasta ++++
Spicy Chicken +++

Generally, his stuff is pretty good. I've found the spicy stuff better, so far.

Tim & Shell
(McCargoe) - F
Website on 07/21/2011 00:35:35 MDT Print View