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Bail for the BMW small Ti Pot
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Bill Fornshell
(bfornshell) - MLife

Locale: Southern Texas
Bail for the BMW small Ti Pot on 12/03/2006 22:16:27 MST Print View

I bought one of the new BMW Pots, the one without the handle.

The pot weighs just a small amout under the posted weight. The lid fits only so so. It is close so I am pleased with it. I have boiled water in it and my first thought was that it boiled the water fast. I did not time the boil.

I made a simple Bail for the pot for a handle. The Bail adds 0.12 ounces to the total weight of the pot.

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Doug Johnson
(djohnson) - MLife

Locale: Washington State
Re: Bail for the BMW small Ti Pot on 12/03/2006 22:58:33 MST Print View

Bill- What type of wire did you use? I have one of these pots too and that looks like a pretty sano setup.

Experienced any leaking through the drilled holes?

Bill Fornshell
(bfornshell) - MLife

Locale: Southern Texas
Bail for the BMW small Ti Pot on 12/04/2006 03:39:37 MST Print View

The Bail was made out of
High Temp Wire
like is used for the elements of an electrical kiln. Just some of the Pottery materials I have around for making a type of small Gas Kiln. Look for "Where to buy" for a dealer in your area. The wire is like spring steel in the way it holds its shape.

I punched the holes with my
(item number 44060 Hand Punch) from Harbor You need to enter the product number in the Search Box.

No real leakage out of the holes.

Edited by bfornshell on 05/01/2013 10:16:36 MDT.

Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: Re: Bail for the BMW small Ti Pot on 12/04/2006 15:00:12 MST Print View

> What type of wire did you use?

I used the BPL Ti wire to make a light handle for a kettle. Added some thin heat shrink in the middle for insulation. Weight? Dunno, but a LOT lighter than the original!

Bill Fornshell
(bfornshell) - MLife

Locale: Southern Texas
SUL-500 Ti Cookpot - Lid Fix on 01/06/2007 13:45:41 MST Print View

BMW Ti Pot Lid Fix

When I bought my FireLite SUL-500 Titanium Cookpot (62 grams with the lid)
I got the one without the handles. I wanted the lightest option I could get. The first thing I did was put a "Bail" on the pot to lift it with.

I noticed the Lid had a minor "fit" problem. Mine wasn't to bad and the lid was heavy (13.3 grams). I decided I could make a lighter lid so I never worried about the stock lid. I am not a one issue person and I did not buy the pot for the lid I bought the pot for a very light weight pot.

With all the moaning and groaning the last few days about the lid fit I decided that since it was on my Hike "To Do List" I would work on it this morning.

For materials I would use a piece of Aluminum Oven Liner for one lid and I discovered that the top and bottom of a NIDO Dry Milk container had a flange on them that fit over the BMW Ti Pot. The fit is about as perfect as you could want. You do have to cut away the cardboard sides of the container from the metal parts.

Easy Fix #1:

I took an aluminum oven liner and cut a disk a little bigger than the pot opening. Then I just bent it around the pot and made a simple lid. I left some extra at one spot to use as a way to lift it from the pot. The lid works fine and weighs 2.9 grams.

Easy Fix #2:

I have not finished this version yet as I need to work on something this afternoon that is more important. You can see that the center part is open. I would cut a disk out of thin Aluminum and attach it to the disk. Some might say why not use some thin Titanium. I have some thin Aluminum that weighs almost the same as the Ti and it is cheaper and a lot easier to work with. I don't need the extra strength of Ti so I will save it. You can see in one picture that the fit is so good that I can hold the Ti Pot upside down and the lid does not fall off. The ring alone weighs 9.5 grams.

East Fit #3:

As with #2 I have not finished this lid. It could be used as you see it if you didn't care if you have a lift ring. There are a lot of different ways a lifting device could be made and if you make a lid like this I am sure you can come up with something simple and light. This lid also fits well enough to turn upside down and the lid will not fall off. The lid as you see it weighs 15.3 grams. This is 2 grams heavier than the stock lid.

For a long hike I think I would go for lid #2 as it would be much more durable and also really keep the pot closed when packed. For a short hike of 3 to 5 days I would go with the Oven Liner version.

The Ti Pot w/the Oven Liner Lid weighs 55.3 grams or 1.95 ounces.

Edited by bfornshell on 01/06/2007 13:50:49 MST.

Roger B
(rogerb) - MLife

Locale: Here and there
Only Bill on 01/06/2007 14:21:30 MST Print View

Only Bill Fornshell could discover that a Nido can is a perfect fit for BPL SUL 500 ml pot.

Well done Bill