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Favorite piece of gear?
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Tommy Franzen
(Tomlike) - F

Locale: Pacific Wonderland
Favorite piece of gear? on 07/16/2011 16:40:07 MDT Print View

Just curious, what's the first thing you think of when you think about your 'favorite piece of gear?" Not necessarily the most expensive, or even the most used or versatile. While I love everything in my gear closet, my Western Mountaineering bags seem to jump out as my favorite. What's yours?

Michael Reagan
(MichaelReagan) - F

Locale: Southern California
Favorite piece of gear on 07/16/2011 16:44:10 MDT Print View

Just seeing the title of your post made my Western Mountaineering Highlite jump to mind. I thought it was cool that your WM bags are at the top of your list.

Other beloved gear items for me include my REI Flash 18 daypack, a Photon Freedom light, my bright yellow SAK Classic, and whatever camera I carrying at the time.


jerry adams
(retiredjerry) - MLife

Locale: Oregon and Washington
Re: Favorite piece of gear on 07/16/2011 16:51:10 MDT Print View

I was going to say Photon Freedom light, but that's because I just got it.

Michael Haubert
(SoCalMike) - F

Locale: So Cal
Favorite Gear on 07/16/2011 16:58:09 MDT Print View

Love my WM Highlite bag, too.

Funny thing is, I love my Snow Peak Giga stove and it's probably my favorite item. But I hardly ever use it. I've been tinkering with alcohol stoves so much that I leave the Giga at home. But I love that thing. Maybe because it was one of the first light weight items I started using.

Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Favorite piece of gear? on 07/16/2011 17:16:11 MDT Print View

Often, the favorite piece of gear is the one which has your most emotional investment. Others are favorite because of your highest financial investment.


Stephen P
(spavlock) - F

Locale: Mid-Atlantic
Re: Favorite piece of gear? on 07/16/2011 17:24:41 MDT Print View

My brain. I know...not what you had in mind.

Best piece of gear is usually always my shoes. If my feet are happy, the rest of me is happy. I've been using salomon xa pros. They might be heavy compared to other trail runners, but they have held up great and they're comfortable.

Joslyn Bloodworth
(JoslynB) - F

Locale: Southwest
Odd Favorite on 07/16/2011 17:52:20 MDT Print View

I feel like it's a weird favorite for a Ul'er, but I think my favorite piece of gear has to be my 1/2 zip fleece pullover with thumb holes and sleeves that cover my hands up to my knuckles. It takes up more space in my pack than almost all my other clothing items put together, but it's always the first thing I pull on at camp. It just makes me feel cozy and at home wherever I am.

(jpovs) - F

Locale: Arrowhead
Re: Favorite piece of gear? on 07/16/2011 18:04:00 MDT Print View


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Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Odd Favorite on 07/16/2011 18:05:30 MDT Print View

"1/2 zip fleece pullover"

I had purchased a half-zip fleece pullover from the old Early Winters company about 25-30 years ago, and it had made a good warm base layer for many winter trips. Then this year I got busy with the sewing machine and converted it into a full zip. That is much better.


Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
"Favorite piece of gear?" on 07/16/2011 18:26:44 MDT Print View

I love my kit as a whole, I don't own many items, but when all those items come together.....magic happens. They're all equally contributing ingredients to a great recipe.

If I had to pick one item as my "favorite piece of gear" I would have to say my shoes, they're simple, protect me, and are the last thing between the Earth and the bottom of my feet, the connecting element. I'm no nature man who can hike barefoot, so these are essential. Next in line would definitely have to be my MLD Trailstar, it's the swiss army knife of shelters.

Michael Mathisen

Locale: Oregon
Re: Favorite piece of gear? on 07/16/2011 18:33:47 MDT Print View

My ULA Conduit. It was my first U.L. Backpack. I got it in 2006 and still use it occasionally.

Robert Stanek

Locale: Southeast, Atlanta, GA
My hammock on 07/16/2011 19:16:30 MDT Print View

Either my HH Hyperlight, or my Grand Trunk Nano 7 for all other uses.

Jeffs Eleven
(WoodenWizard) - F

Locale: Greater Mt Tabor
Re: Odd Favorite on 07/16/2011 19:24:19 MDT Print View

+1 to fleece 1/2 zip. Starting to like fleece again.

OR Radiant LT. love it

Ryan Slack
(RWSlack) - F

Locale: Minnesota
+1 on emotional investment on 07/16/2011 20:08:50 MDT Print View

My favorite pieces are those which are works of art in themselves, and have been beaten up and become attached to memories, preferably along the full adventures' gamut of joy and distress.

My maps, which I can stare at for hours and are still usable anytime I want to. Google earth is also a fun way to do this, but so far I haven't gotten that wet/burned/stained/sun-faded, so it doesn't count.

My paddle, a wood XY Meany bent-shaft out of Atikokan, Ontario. Not the lightest by far, but a sheer joy of a tool to hold and use.

Whatever tarp I can find myself under, especially when I most need to. Not enough of those memories being made lately.

Nico .
(NickB) - MLife

Locale: Los Padres National Forest
Favorite piece of gear on 07/16/2011 23:23:31 MDT Print View

+1 for the MLD trailstar. Next in line would probably be my katabatic quilts. Awesome pieces of gear that impress me every time I pull them out of the pack.

john chong
(johnch) - F
my favorite on 07/17/2011 00:06:59 MDT Print View

My favorite gear is the Mini Bic lighter. For some reason, the little yellow guy brings a smile to my face. Maybe cause it's so small, or maybe because it's so easy to start a cookfire/stove with.

Barry Cuthbert
(nzbazza) - MLife

Locale: New Zealand
Sunhat on 07/17/2011 00:45:08 MDT Print View

My tatty dog-eared sunhat that is at least 20 years old and has been on every trip I've done since. It still does its core roles of keeping the sun, rain and sweat off my face superbly. I'd feel pretty bare without it.

Steofan The Apostate
(simaulius) - F

Locale: Bohemian Alps
Favorite piece of gear? on 07/17/2011 06:31:11 MDT Print View

A cheap Brunton compass. Perfect for converting a 2-dimensional view of life into something much larger.

Kevin Ridge

Locale: Southeast MI
Favorite on 07/17/2011 06:53:18 MDT Print View

I would have to say the down underquilt I made for my WBBB. It was just one of those myog pieces of gear that came out exactly how I wanted it.

Jozef _____
(DerJosef) - F

Locale: The southern border of Holland
RE: on 07/17/2011 14:16:35 MDT Print View

TNF Resolve insulated