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Peter'sHeadNets are Back .. soon.
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peter vacco

Locale: no. california
Peter'sHeadNets are Back .. soon. on 07/14/2011 11:43:36 MDT Print View


lured by the consistent backorder situation, peter v. has initiated production of the mosquito headnets he is so irrationally fond of.
shipping will start soon enough. stitch quality is more secure, appearance is more pleasing (to me), function is improved a bit for occasional use w/o a hat, and they are actually BEING MADE. they might weigh the odd gram or two more. (i have no idea.. they're GRAMS ! )

ahhh .. and there's ... one more thing ...
they're Way less expensive.
by at least 40%

no, the website is not active yet.

this is a market test.
i could use some spiritual guidance.
please take a moment if you would to drop me a note advising as to how many nets you might (or .. might not) like if they were 2 for $30 w/ shipping. checks, cash or paypal.
actives and vets, those with a current hunt/fish license, please take a $2 ea discount.

your participation does not constitute a Pre-Order .. it's .. i have no idea the proper name .. include your e-mail address and when i go down the list in order, you'll then have the option to commit to purchase or .. whatever.

use my e-mail to avoid excess PM's appearing on the forum.

Thomas Budge
(budgthom) - F

Locale: Idaho
pics? on 07/14/2011 12:17:52 MDT Print View

Any pics for those new to the apparent phenomenon known as Petersheadnets?

Bob Bankhead
(wandering_bob) - MLife

Locale: Oregon, USA
Re: pics? on 07/14/2011 15:26:19 MDT Print View

and how do they compare with the now-defunct BPL headnet - the one with the larger porosity black mesh that you can actually see and breathe through while wearing it; blocks skeeters but not the really tiny flying things. I believe they were $30.

Edited by wandering_bob on 07/14/2011 23:22:32 MDT.

Greg Mihalik
(greg23) - M

Locale: Colorado
Re: Re: Specs? on 07/14/2011 15:31:14 MDT Print View

+1 to Bob B's questions.

The BPL version is a no-brainer.
If you are going that route, count me in for 2.

If it is NoSeeum mesh I'm not so interested.

Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Re: Re: Specs? on 07/14/2011 15:36:23 MDT Print View

Somebody will want to know the actual weight.


Terry G
(delvxe) - M

Locale: Pacific Northwest
+1 on Greg's +1 on Bob on 07/14/2011 18:08:41 MDT Print View

Yes, if comparable to the BPL / Symblissity headnet, please count me in for a definite 2 and maybe 4.

Marc Eldridge
(meld) - MLife

Locale: The here and now.
Re: Peter'sHeadNets are Back on 07/14/2011 22:11:10 MDT Print View

I think I need one.

Samuel Kau
(Skau) - M

Locale: Southern California
Interested on 07/14/2011 22:11:25 MDT Print View

interested with the weight and material.

David Lutz

Locale: Bay Area
Peter'sHeadNets on 07/14/2011 22:58:24 MDT Print View

Interested in having two.......

Angelo Radano

Locale: New England
Re: Peter'sHeadNets are Back .. soon. on 07/14/2011 23:05:40 MDT Print View

I'd be in for 1 or 2.

/A .
(biointegra) - MLife

Locale: Puget Sound
Re: Peter'sHeadNets are Back .. soon. on 07/15/2011 00:30:31 MDT Print View

$ sent /thx.

Edited by biointegra on 09/03/2011 23:44:30 MDT.

Backpack Jack
(jumpbackjack) - F

Locale: Armpit of California
re head net on 07/15/2011 00:53:35 MDT Print View

I'm in for 2
my email address

Edited by jumpbackjack on 07/29/2011 09:07:00 MDT.

john chong
(johnch) - F
I'm in on 07/15/2011 01:04:05 MDT Print View

put me down for 1-2

Will Inman
(Empacitator) - MLife

Locale: Western Australia
2 on 07/15/2011 01:46:47 MDT Print View

Put me down for two please :)

Scott Haddon
(rebeldawg63) - F

Locale: Southeast
PICS & WEIGHTS PLZ on 07/15/2011 03:21:55 MDT Print View

Very interested too!

Thomas Burns
(nerdboy52) - MLife

Locale: "Alas, poor Yogi.I knew him well."
Specs? on 07/15/2011 06:50:57 MDT Print View

I'm interested in a couple myself, but specs and a pic would be helpful.


P.S. My BPL netnet is so sewn up with repairs that I think there are bugs on it all the time. Dang that head-high greenbriar.

Anthony Analetto
(Fubar2us) - F

Locale: MidWest USA
Spec on 07/15/2011 07:00:15 MDT Print View

Depending on Specs I will probably be in for 2

Mark Hudson
(vesteroid) - MLife

Locale: Eastern Sierras
3 on 07/15/2011 07:43:36 MDT Print View


Andy Schill
(Aschill) - F
need 1 on 07/15/2011 09:08:38 MDT Print View

I need 1, but I would like to see specs first

Michael Levine
(Trout) - F

Locale: Long Beach
maybe? on 07/15/2011 09:13:31 MDT Print View

I'd like to see the specs, but if it beats my coghlans, in for 2