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Please critique my food plan
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Jenn M
(jennm) - F
Please critique my food plan on 07/14/2011 11:25:41 MDT Print View

So I normally eat a variation of 3 meals on trip....but I'd like something a little more fun for my upcoming trip with partner, who isn't really into this. And of course I'd like to it be light. With the exception of the first meal, pretty well everything should be dehydrated or powdered (other than the rice (instant) or noodles (soba) of course.

Day 1
Hot dogs (I would NEVER, but he's decided he wants hot dogs, and I'm not carrying them past the first day)
Ketchup packets
Freeze-dried Ice Cream

Day 2
Kraft Dinner (I looooooove KD)
Dehydrated veggies
Brownie Mix

Day 3
‘Bannock’ (fry bread mix, unfried and cooked over the fire)
Black Bean Soup mix
Babybel cheese (or should I do parmesan....lighter?)
Dehydrated veggies

Day 4
Powdered Thai Red Curry mix
Freeze dried chicken
Dehydrated veggies
Freeze-dried Ice Cream

Day 5
Pea soup mix
Dehydrated veggies
Dehydrated berries with powdered milk

Day 6
Powdered Alfredo mix
Powdered milk (for Alfredo)
Dehydrated veggies
Brownie mix

Day 7 – Out!