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My 1st DIY Tarp
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Philip Carr
(unsponsored) - F

Locale: UK
My 1st DIY Tarp on 07/07/2011 15:40:09 MDT Print View

I finished the first of my test tarp today. Probably three hours put into this. This includes lots of test pieces for tie out points that were tested to destruction.

Its made from uber light weight ripstop spinnaker material, apparently original cost is £75 per square metre.

It's a basic rectangle approx 8ft long and 5ft wide give or take. All of the hems are triple rolled and tie out points have four layers of re-enforcement. Thread is 100% polyester gutterman thread. Tie out points are black 1" grosgrain.

With a total of 8 guys and line locks plus an Alpkit silnylon stuff sack it comes in at 157g!!!! Its really small and can even compress further than shown in the pics.

There are already a couple of things I'd change. I tested which side the tie outs should be attached to. Four were done underneath and four above. It looks like atheistically, putting them on top is the way to go.

Enough talk here's the pics.

DIY tarp

More pics -

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jerry adams
(retiredjerry) - MLife

Locale: Oregon and Washington
Re: My 1st DIY Tarp on 07/07/2011 16:00:03 MDT Print View

Nice looking tarp

5.5 ounces is pretty light

4 tie-outs underneath and 4 on top - how funny - I hate it when I do that - well, maybe hate is too strong but I try to do them the same just to pacify my ADDness

Catenary curve? sort of looks like it but there's no seam

How waterproof is the fabric? I got some spinnaker fabric of about the same weight that wasn't supposed to be waterproof, but when I set it up for days in the rain it stayed dry underneath for days

Philip Carr
(unsponsored) - F

Locale: UK
tarp on 07/10/2011 15:26:53 MDT Print View

4 tie outs on top/bottom was deliberate as I wanted to check out which appeared to be best.

No cat cut as the tarp is one full length, no joins at all. It also appears to be pretty waterproof.

Philip Carr
(unsponsored) - F

Locale: UK
number 2 on 07/15/2011 16:40:53 MDT Print View

Started another this evening. Added a walkthrough on my site

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