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Catalina Island 1-nighter list
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Christopher Davis
(CDavisJK) - F
Catalina Island 1-nighter list on 06/29/2011 15:04:19 MDT Print View

I've gotten back into hiking a year ago and now I want to start backpacking. I've been before with Boy Scouts along time ago, but I'm definitely a beginner. Currently don't have proper/light-weight gear but I'd like to see if I can make due with what I have. Please let me know if there's any gear that I should add back in or things that have multiple uses.

TRIP: On Catalina Island (weather - high of 72*,low of 62* at night). 2 day/1 night, 20 mile total (10 uphill, 10 back down) trip with my sister. The destination is an established campsite with fresh water, fire pits, etc.

Here is my current list, weight in oz (manufacturer provided):

UnderArmor HeatGear T-shirt 4.5
UnderArmor 3" BoxerJocks 5
Kuhl Renegade Pants ?
Palladium Canvas Boots ?
REI Wool Hiking Socks ?

BACKPACK: (182.3oz / 11.4lb Total, 4.4lb without pack)
Saddleback Leather Backpack 112
5'x7' Blue Tarp 12.8
Alpine Designs 45* Sleeping Bag 28
GearPod Mug 3.5
GearPod Stove 1
GeadPod Alky Burner 0.5
GearPod Alky Bottle 0.6
LightMyFire Titanium Spork 0.6
FAK (BandAids, pills) 1
PSK (matches, needle+thread, Colegate Wisp, Soap Sheets) 1
UnderArmor ColdGear Mock 5
UnderArmor Beanie 2.4
Spyderco Ladybug 0.6
Fenix E05 Light (w/ Lith.AAA) 0.6

3x 1L Water Bottles (refill at campsite)
Sandwiches, Mountain House, Clif bars, hot chocolate, etc.
Alcohol for stove.

What I've done to lighten up so far: I've left out all of my neat, high-output flashlights and big knives that I like to carry around. I've reduced my large first aid kit to a few essentials. I won't be carrying any eating utensils except for the mug and spork. The weather is nice enough I won't need a jacket. And, since this is just 1 night and it's at a campsite, I can leave out a lot of gear that would otherwise be necessary like a sleeping pad.

Obviously my pack is ridiculously heavy. I've been using it for hiking and it's the only one I have. Looking into GoLite and GossamerGear packs but I'm not ready to jump in yet.

Also, I'm debating between sleeping under the stars and taking my tent. I have a Eureka Timberline 2 tent that weight 5lb 13oz. I would be able to cut the weight down by leaving the rain fly at home and splitting up the poles and tent between me and my sister.

Has anyone else ever backpacked on Catalina Island? Any suggestions? Thanks.

Tohru Ohnuki
(erdferkel) - F

Locale: S. California
Re: Catalina Island 1-nighter list on 06/29/2011 16:18:06 MDT Print View

I've done a two harbors to little harbor hike a while back. That's probably a fine list, you can sleep on the blue tarp out in the open if the weather is good, you can flip it over and sleep under it if there is a bit of morning mist/drizzle. Why do you think a pad is unnecessary, the ground is still going to be cold...

Craig .
(zipper) - F

Locale: LOST, but making good time
Catalina 1 niter on 06/29/2011 17:30:45 MDT Print View

Hi Chris,
Good list. I went to Avalon a couple of weeks ago on my birthday. You can ride the Express free ON your birthday. I found out about it and 2 hours later was leaving Long Beach for Avalon. Call ahead, they are very helpful. Make sure you tie up all the loose straps on your pack in case they stow it below. I also took an REI flash pack as a "carry on". You are not supposed to take flammables on board. I know people that put their alcohol in their pocket to keep things safe. I stayed at Hermit Gulch about a mile and a half out of Avalon. There is a nice trail out of the campground there. I've also gone to Two Harbors and hiked the nine miles to Parson's Landing a few times. It's all dirt road. The Yellow Jackets can be pretty thick sometimes.