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De-long-a-fying A Therm-a-Rest
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John Martin
(snapyjohn) - M

Locale: Pacific NW
De-long-a-fying A Therm-a-Rest on 06/26/2011 20:25:34 MDT Print View

I successfully made a custom 48' Therm-a-rest Neoair It started it's life a a regular neoair I found at a REI garage sale for $27.73.
Tag said used a few times won't hold air can't find leak. It had two holes in it about 48' from the top a big two inch verticle gash and a smaller hole next to it. I watched a youtube video showing how to cut and reseal a neoair to cut weight. I cut it below the slash and resealed it. It was easy 5 minuets and it actualy sealed. Tools required home iron, scissors, ironing board. I now have a great pad for my girls to take out next weekend.neo

todd h
(funnymoney) - MLife

Locale: SE
Re: De-long-a-fying A Therm-a-Rest on 06/26/2011 20:29:16 MDT Print View


You should feel guilty for stealing that pad. Your punishment is to send it to me immediately for my 6yr old girl.

Good job, and cute pic...Priceless.


John Martin
(snapyjohn) - M

Locale: Pacific NW
X Marks the spot on 06/26/2011 20:54:22 MDT Print View

I have been to twenty or so garage sales in the last six months and you will always find plenty of Neoair and exped syn and down mats. Still waiting for the new ul or nemo pads to start showing up. I buy all the neoairs and have supplied them to friends and family. This is the first one that I dared experement on. I have paid under twenty and as high as sixty for them. Mine I purchased new and paid full price for a year ago. Now I have mats for my wife and kids. I highly recomend a overnighter at a large REI try to be twords the front of the line. Don't be afraid to leave and come back several hours later. They often mark down items not sold. Most of the people are in line for shoes and cloths. Which oddly you can find at or steep and cheap for better prices new. I buy tents stoves and sell them on craigs list to buy UL gear for me and my family. I have drove four hours and spent fifty on gas and came home with nothing. I have drove four hours and spent $1600 an filled my car to the roof its hit and miss. I have paid $80 dollars for items that turn out to be worthless. I get to urban camp and upgrade my gear for cheep. I have sold name brand stuff to by Gossomer Gear, ULA , and Tarp Tent. and have had a great time recycling gear. I get to paw over and set up all of the brands and get an appriciation for all of the offerings from the big names. I also see the value in re-purposing items. If a tent has a bad fly then you have a bug ivy. If you have a bad tent and a good fly you have a fast fly option. I purchased a box of shoulder straps from Gregory and Osprey all in XS to build some packs for my girls. That is my next project.