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Guy Lines, Bear Bag rope, linelocks n shock cord from Zpacks (Pics, thoughts)
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Bryce F.
(bster13) - MLife

Locale: Norwalk, CT
Guy Lines, Bear Bag rope, line cords n shock cord from Zpacks (Pics, thoughts) on 06/24/2011 10:48:56 MDT Print View

I needed to slim down the weight of my guy lines for my Bear Paw Cub Den 1.5 ( and my bear bag.


I also purchased some mini cord locks and 1/16th in shock cord for my JRB Sierra Stealth Quilt (


Initial thoughts?

- The yellow 1.25mm Spectra line is tiny....It'll be fine for guy lines on my shelter, but even if it were strong enough for a ridge line on a tarp (I think it is), I would not use it to tie a taut line hitch or something that needs to be retied ever time I setup shelter. It's not reflective, but extremely bright. I think I'll have no trouble avoiding it at night when going back to my shelter. BPL sells some 1mm spectra, but that may just been too small for me to work with and it's more expensive. I went with the Zpacks stuff to save on shipping if anything.

- The orange 1.4mm Dyneema line is a little's very slick to the touch and not quite as bright as the yellow, but I do have some worry about it damaging trees, I'll have to test. I'm not worried about it getting stuck though.

- The 1/16th in shock cord is the smallest shock cord I've ever held. I hope to use it to cinch up the back of my JRB Sierra Stealth quilt. It stretches a good amount. It just might be ok, if not I'll go to the 1/8th in.

- The cord locks are the smallest I've ever seen. Much props to Zpacks for listing the weight of every little thing. Pisses me off at other retailers. I'll use them to replace line locks on my JRB quilt after I replace some of the line around the neck on the quilt.

Weights to come tonight when I get home!

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Eric Thompson
(er0ck) - F

Locale: PNW
re-tie everytime? on 06/24/2011 20:10:31 MDT Print View

if you really have to retie the ridge-line every time, you could tie a short(er) length of the thicker line to just the end you have to re-tie.

i use line tensioners on my guy lines so i've never re-tied.

i love fiddling with grams like this. enjoy!

Bryce F.
(bster13) - MLife

Locale: Norwalk, CT
Tarp on 06/24/2011 20:16:11 MDT Print View

I was referencing a taut line hitch, one tied on each side of a tarp pitched in an A-frame to a tree on either side. To pack up you'd need to undo the taut line hitches on each side.

But I now use a tarp shelter, and the lines will be tied on permanently and then I'll use a clove hitch on the stake end for each setup and breakdown.

Cutting lengths now! :)

Jacob D
(JacobD) - F

Locale: North Bay
Bear Bag Line on 06/24/2011 20:20:24 MDT Print View

I like the stuff that Gossamer Gear sells. It's sort of flattened out and they ain't kiddin' when they say it glides over branches. It does so very well and should be less damaging, if at all.

~1.2oz per 50' (not sure how that compare's to Joe's dyneema cord)

The downside is that it won't work with line locks, but I'm sure it could still be used in an emergency situation to pitch a tarp with the appropriate knots.

edit: here's a link...

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Bryce F.
(bster13) - MLife

Locale: Norwalk, CT
Mods and weights on 06/25/2011 13:23:38 MDT Print View

Ok the weights are in...

The shelter w/ Lineloc 3s and nylon venetian blind cord weighed:

314g 11.07oz Shelter w/ Lineloc 3s
34g 1.20oz Guy Lines

Total 348g or 12.28oz

After clipping off the Lineloc 3s, removing the venetian blind guy lines and adding the Zpacks 1.25mm guy line:

312g 11oz

So I dropped 36g or 1.28oz

The Zpacks 1.25mm Spectra line is stiff and holds a knot well. I tied the lines on to my tarp with Bowline knots.