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Late July TRT list
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Jesse Betts
(Qi) - F
Late July TRT list on 06/19/2011 22:07:44 MDT Print View

I will be doing a thru hike of the TRT starting in mid July with my girlfriend and would appreciate any feedback. We'll be taking two weeks, starting in Tahoe Meadows and going clockwise. We usually backpack in the Ventana Wilderness.

For this trip I'm trying to cut weight and volume to make room for all of the food. We'll be mailing a food package to the Echo Chalet at the half way point, and getting some resupplies at Tramway Market and in Tahoe City.

I was considering buying an MLD Soul Bivy and using my current tarp to save about 2.3 lbs, but it looks like I waited too long to place an order and still receive it in time for the trip. Its not that big of a deal because I really like the hammock.

Weight is in ounces unless LBS is specified. I didn't list anything that I would be wearing or carrying, just what is in the pack.

Here's the list so far:

Big 3
Mariposa Plus - 26
Plastic Bag (dry sack pack liner) - 1
Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock - 32
Maccat Deluxe Spin UL Tarp - 11.25
Ridgeline & Stake bag (6 MSR Groundhogs) - 8
REI Halo 20 Sleeping Bag - 37
Warbonnet Yeti Underquilt - 12
blue plastic sheet - 1
Big 3 Total - 8.02 LBS

Jetboil - 23
Bowl - 1.5
MSR Mugmate - 1
Snow Peak Ti cup - 2.5
Ursack - 7.25
Ti Fork - 0.5
kitchen total - 2.23 LBS

Jason Klass Gravity filter - 6
Funnel - 0.5
Aqua Mira drops - 2
Stuff sack for water treatment - 1
Platty 3L Hoser - 4
Water total - 0.84 LBS

Clothing (Not counting worn cloths)
Northface fleece beanie - 1.75
Marmot Down Jacket - 13
Patagonia rain jacket (also for wind) - 12
Cap 3 shirt - 6.25
Cap 3 pants - 5.5
Warm socks (for sleeping) - 3.5
Extra socks (for hiking) - 2.25
Bug head net - 1
Sunglasses & Case - 2
Bandana - 1
Stuff Sack (for clothing) - 0.75
Clothing total - 3.06 LBS

Trowel - 2
Thermomitor - 0.25
First Aid/repair/hygene - 16
Sit Pad (goes under feet in hammock also) - 4
Compass - 1
Deet - 0.5
Chapstick - 0.5
Mini Photon - 0.4
Foretrex GPS - 3
E2L Flashlight (Luxury item) - 3.75
Petzel zipka headlamp - 2.25
iPhone - 5
Misc. total - 2.42 Lbs

Total lbs 16.57

Thanks for looking!

Matthew Zion
(mzion) - F

Locale: Boulder, CO
Re: TRT on 06/20/2011 08:32:14 MDT Print View

Jetboil, Bowl and Cup? I'm sure you can easily eliminate one of these.

If you're going to take Aqua mira leave the filter at home. Funnel?? You can use your cup to dip and pour if you're worried about filling the platy.

Your pack is kind of like a big stuff sack. Do you really need stuff sacks to put your water treatment and clothing in?

Trowel? By far the most useless item ever...

And I know you have the flashlight listed as luxury but I'd seriously consider only bringing one light. Pick your favorite and run with it.

Mike Clelland
(mikeclelland) - MLife

Locale: The Tetons (via Idaho)
feedback and insights on 06/20/2011 13:25:09 MDT Print View

My insights. I think you can leave a LOT of stuff behind. A few items are heavy by UL standards, and easily replaced.

Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock - 32 ---------- I know peole "Like" the hamock idea, but it is NOT a lightweight solution compared to sleeping on the ground. My advice (if you REALLY AND TRULY wanna lighter pack) is to simply leave it behind.

Warbonnet Yeti Underquilt - 12 --------------- NIX

Mariposa Plus - 26 ------- REPLACE with a lighter item, this is a heavy backpack by UL standards.

REI Halo 20 Sleeping Bag - 37 ------- REPLACE with a lighter item, this is over 2 pounds, and that's a lot.

blue plastic sheet - 1 --------------- NIX

Jetboil - 23 ------- REPLACE with a lighter item, like an alcohol cook system

Bowl - 1.5 --------------- NIX

MSR Mugmate - 1 --------------- NIX

Jason Klass Gravity filter - 6 --------------- NIX

Funnel - 0.5 --------------- NIX

Stuff sack for water treatment - 1 --------------- NIX

Platty 3L Hoser - 4 ------- REPLACE with a lighter item,

Warm socks (for sleeping) - 3.5 ------- REPLACE with a lighter item, are your sock REALLY that heavy?

Extra socks (for hiking) - 2.25 ------- REPLACE with a lighter item, my hiking socks are 0.6 ounces as a comparison.

Sunglasses Case --------------- NIX

Stuff Sack (for clothing) - 0.75 --------------- NIX

Trowel - 2 --------------- NIX

Thermomitor - 0.25 --------------- NIX

First Aid/repair/hygene - 16 ------- Trim this down, one pound is TOO much. Also - you should LIST every item here on this gear list.

Sit Pad (goes under feet in hammock also) - 4 --------------- NIX

Foretrex GPS - 3 --------------- NIX

Mini Photon - 0.4
E2L Flashlight (Luxury item) - 3.75
Petzel zipka headlamp - 2.25 --------- 3 headlamps? One is plenty!

iPhone - 5 --------------- NIX

Jesse Betts
(Qi) - F
Bivy on 06/21/2011 03:01:08 MDT Print View

Thanks Mike. This is great advice.

I think I'm going to pick up a Katabatic Bristlecone Bivy and leave the hammock and underquilt for this trip. Do I need a ground cloth, or is it ok to go without?

I'm not sure if I can gather the funds for a new sleeping bag now, but I just might. Do you guys think a 32 degree bag will be warm enough for the Tahoe area? I'm usually a pretty warm sleeper.

Mike Clelland
(mikeclelland) - MLife

Locale: The Tetons (via Idaho)
ground cloth if you have a BIVY on 06/21/2011 08:10:51 MDT Print View

No need for a ground cloth if you have a BIVY, because it IS the ground-cloth!