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Not THAT heavy
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Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Not THAT heavy on 06/08/2011 11:37:57 MDT Print View

I think we should chip in and buy this fella a membership?

Matthew Hurdle
(mhurdle858) - M
Wow! on 06/08/2011 13:50:31 MDT Print View

I am relatively new to backpacking, but I am so grateful that I found this site early on. I've never had to experience anything like that.

Chris S
(csteutterman) - F

Locale: Tahoe
Re: Not THAT heavy on 06/08/2011 14:00:03 MDT Print View

now that's how real men backpack! i love the part at 0:13 where it almost flew over his head. for a second there i was expecting him to put that other backpack on his front.

i like the suggestion in the first comment...."you´╗┐ need a larger backpack!"
or maybe less stuff?

drowning in spam
(leaftye) - F

Locale: SoCal
Re: Not THAT heavy on 06/08/2011 14:04:30 MDT Print View

It wasn't nearly as heavy as he made it out to be. My Dana Designs Astralplane loaded with 90 pounds has never come close to accidentally flying over my head.

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Not THAT heavy on 06/08/2011 14:33:40 MDT Print View

I have easily flipped someone 200 pounds over my head in my Judo past. Shouldn't be that hard with a 90 pound pack....;)

drowning in spam
(leaftye) - F

Locale: SoCal
Re: Not THAT heavy on 06/08/2011 14:45:44 MDT Print View

I've done Judo too. If you're putting on a pack like you'd throw someone in Judo, you're really doing it wrong! Actually, one impressive thing I've seen is an ex-Israeli soldier throw my heavy pack over his head to put it on.

Nate Davis
(Knaight) - F

Locale: Western Massachusetts
Man... on 06/08/2011 15:38:50 MDT Print View

Those guys must really love the outdoors. I think if I did one of my first trips with that much weight, I might have been convinced to stick to dayhikes.

This is coming from someone who carried a 50 lbs pack on several occasions.

Barry Cuthbert
(nzbazza) - MLife

Locale: New Zealand
Another method... on 06/08/2011 16:46:41 MDT Print View

Stand with the pack against your feet with the panel that goes against your back facing outwards and hold the shoulder straps. Then with a mighty heave (not so mighty if UL!!!) lift the pack up and flick over your head then slide your arms through the shoulder straps as the pack comes down and settles against your back. It looks mighty impressive, if not potentially hazardous to bystanders and reducing the life expectancy of your pack with blown stitching.

Mina Loomis
(elmvine) - MLife

Locale: Central Texas
overhead pack flip on 06/09/2011 14:16:21 MDT Print View

My daughter used to do that with her pack on Camp Fire trips when she was in high school. We were carrying ~40 lb packs total weight (pre LW days). And she weighed 90-100. The Trip Leader told her she would get hurt flipping it like that, but she did it anyway, just because she could...

Mitchell Murphy
(Texico) - F

Locale: North Georgia
RE: Pack Flip on 06/12/2011 08:24:59 MDT Print View

I've had several friends break their packs by flipping them over their heads. In fact, one friend had a shoulder straps break on day one of our Philmont trek years ago.

The way I put my pack on, as a right-handed person, is to hold the haul loop in my left had and the right shoulder strap in my right hand. I then lift it up and around the right side of my body while sliding my right and then left arms through the straps. This way most of the weight is held by the haul loop until right before I slip my left arm through. It works for me from 20lbs to 60lbs.

Dondo .

Locale: Colorado Rockies
Re: Not THAT heavy on 06/12/2011 10:55:18 MDT Print View

Now that is funny. Love the sound effects.

Joe Geib
(joegeib) - F

Locale: Delaware & Lehigh Valleys
Re: Not THAT heavy on 06/13/2011 10:58:37 MDT Print View

You should see his friend:

His backpack even has a backpack.

Denis Hazlewood
(redleader) - MLife

Locale: Luxury-Light Luke on the Llano Azul
Re: Not THAT heavy on 06/13/2011 21:26:00 MDT Print View

I love the "hanging chad" on the back of his pack. It would be embarrassing to have that guy in our group. Unless he was carrying a fifth of Glenlivet.