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Microlight fabric that does not cost an arm and a leg ??
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Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
Microlight fabric that does not cost an arm and a leg ?? on 06/07/2011 13:14:26 MDT Print View

Anything besides mesh or M50 that is around .5oz per yard ??

Like maybe silk ??

Does not have to be downproof and no DWR.


Fred eric
(Fre49) - MLife

Locale: France, vallée de la Loire
silk on 06/07/2011 13:24:37 MDT Print View

I have used silk sold for painting to do a light trouser for sleeping.

weight was 0.59 oz/square yard for 4 usd

Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
Have a Link ?? on 06/07/2011 13:36:56 MDT Print View

Have a Link ??

Walter Carrington
(Snowleopard) - M

Locale: Mass.
Silk sources. on 06/07/2011 20:46:00 MDT Print View

Perhaps you want habotai silk. 4.5 or 5 momme; 5 mm = 5 momme is about 0.5 oz/sq yard.
"1 momme = 4.340 g/m^2; 8 momme is close to 1 oz per square yard or 34 g/m^2."

Marc Shea
(FlytePacker) - F

Locale: Cascades
Re: Microlight fabric that does not cost an arm and a leg ?? on 06/07/2011 21:31:36 MDT Print View

Spinnaker fabric

Might not be what you are looking for though.

Colin Krusor
(ckrusor) - M

Locale: Northwest US
Spinnaker fabric on 06/07/2011 22:40:46 MDT Print View

I've found that the nominal weight and actual weight of light silks seem to be pretty close, when I've ordered silk.

But spinnaker fabric will always weigh about twice the advertised weight, in my experience. Some vendors, like Thruhiker, weigh it themselves and report the real weight, but the typical 0.5 oz spinnaker (including the sailrite stuff) usually weighs between 1.0 and 1.9 oz/yd. It has nothing to do with the coating or a conversion from sailmaker's yards. It's just conventional for sail and kite fabrics in the 1-2 oz range to be called 0.5 oz or 0.75 oz. I've asked vendors to weight it for me before I buy, and some have been shocked to find that their own "0.5 oz" spinnaker weighs 1.7oz/yard.

BER ---
(BER) - MLife

Locale: Wisconsin
Sailmaker yards on 06/08/2011 06:06:16 MDT Print View


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