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2 liter bottle male thread?
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Randy Smith
(PapaSmurf) - F

Locale: Dream Hammock
2 liter bottle male thread? on 06/03/2011 07:05:58 MDT Print View

I'm thinking about an alternative gravity setup for my Sawyer SP132 Squeeze Filter.

The filter unit accepts standard "2 liter bottle" style threaded connections (male on top and female on bottom).

The bottom connection is easy and available from Arrowhead Equipment.

What to use for the top connection?
Does anybody have a source for a male "2 liter bottle" style threaded connector?

Bottom connection

Top connection

More details and photos are available on my website here -

Kevin Kingma
(MrKingma) - F
2L bottle male thread on 07/11/2011 22:51:41 MDT Print View

Could you just cut the top off a 2L soda bottle and DIY glue it to a large water collecting bag? Will a gravity filtration system work with a direct short connection to the filter? From my experience the SP132 2L pouch would not be easy to fill from a lake. It's easier to fill a pouch/water bag that is fully open at the top (like a zip lock bag. Just a thought. By the way does the SP132 have the same 1 million gallon guarantee as other Sawyer filters?

Kevin Kingma
(MrKingma) - F
1 answer, but 2 questions on 07/13/2011 17:20:44 MDT Print View

You can get a nylon adapter(see that you can jam or glue into a 2L bottle neck (that you have chopped off the bottle) to make a 2L bottle threaded male - to tubing adapter. I'm assuming you want to have a couple feet of tubing to increase the head pressure on the filter and make it filter water faster.

Sawyer has emailed me that the old SP 122 and the new SP 132 filters are internally the same-with same guarentee. I am about to purchase one of them, and I like the idea of squeezing the water source bag to filter quickly when needed. Does anyone have any experience with the SP 122 as far as having a closed water source bag and applying pressure to the bag to filter faster? Or will a squeeze filter system work only if the bag is directly connected to the filter and the connection is large diameter like a 2L bottle (like the SP 132 system)? Thanks.