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Lightweight Frameless Backpacks State of the Market Report 2011: Part 1 – Choosing and Using a Frameless Pack
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Susan Papuga
(veganaloha) - M

Locale: USA
Women's packs on 06/05/2011 04:38:48 MDT Print View

mary, kathy

thanks for the support!

Earlier this spring I was shopping for a UL pack. After trying - and returning - a few sub 2 lb packs, I finally found the pinnacle and chose it. the Jam is smaller, but I liked the volume flexibility with the pinnacle. it actually fits and carries quire well.

At some point, I'd like to buy a pack that weighs less than 2 lbs, but for now, I'm very happy with my pinnacle.


Gabe Miller
(gabespartan) - F
Torso Lengths on 06/05/2011 08:20:08 MDT Print View

Will - love this report and I learned a lot, particularly on the fitting component.

Would it be possible to update the torso lengths from s, m, l, xl to the actual range in inches? Even better would be the actual strap to bottom of belt measurement for each of the size offerings. This is what truly matters. Size offerings don't mean anything without this.

For someone with a 24" torso, like myself, very few packs actually are long enough for me - so these torso measurements are critical.

Warren Greer
(WarrenGreer) - F

Locale: SoCal
Yep on 06/05/2011 23:40:07 MDT Print View

No ULA Ohm in the SOTM Internal Frame report. Wouldn't mind reading about that choice. Seems like a good pack that shouldn't have been left out. -Also, great and informative report Will. Can't wait for the next installments.

Edited by WarrenGreer on 06/06/2011 20:03:05 MDT.

Jörgen Johansson
(Jorgen) - M

Series of articles on 06/06/2011 14:10:41 MDT Print View

Totally absorbing, ambitious, knowledgeable and balanced. at its best. Thank you, Will.

Scott Truong

Locale: Vancouver, BC
RE: Pack Fit. on 06/07/2011 12:28:19 MDT Print View

Where should the shoulder strap attachment be relative to the top of ones shoulder?

Straight across from top of shoulders at 90*? or below the shoulder (wrapped) a couple of inches?

I read different things. I was under the impression the fit as described in this article more or less applied to pack fit when most packs were externally framed and thus outdated.

I have a MLD Burn, and am wondering if I should get a large torso, even though the med measures exactly my torso length. Though it definitely wraps my shoulder.

carlos fernandez rivas
(pitagorin) - MLife

Locale: Galicia -Spain
long wait on 06/09/2011 00:41:55 MDT Print View

I really like state of the market reports my only concern is how long we must wait to read the complete report :-(

Jacob Wallace
The wait on 06/09/2011 15:00:04 MDT Print View

To be honest, I agree with this last comment. Eeking out the four parts of this report over a couple of months (can that be right?) seems excessive. Summer is just beginning and I'm keen to make the leap to my first frameless...I'd quite like to know this report's conclusion before I do :(.

Edited by jacobw on 06/09/2011 15:01:06 MDT.

Will Webster
Re: The wait on 06/09/2011 15:06:31 MDT Print View


Roleigh Martin
(marti124) - MLife

Locale: Moderator-JohnMuirTrail Yahoo Group
Why are the Kifaru packs considered frameless backpacks? on 06/09/2011 20:33:54 MDT Print View

I was really surprised to see the Kifaru packs considered frameless backpacks. I know the stays are removeable, that's because one has a choice of either of two stay lengths, but your definition of frameless is that the stays do not cause the weight of the pack to be distributed to a combination of the stays/belt because the stays are not afixed in some manner to the belt? (Or did I misread the intent of your definition.)

Are you saying a pack maker who claims their packs can handle weights between 100-150 pounds (mostly for gutted killed wild game, like goat, etc), that people are hauling such weights in those packs and the weight is not carried mostly by the belt/frame(stays)? How can their pack be that comfortable with such weights then?

Can you please elaborate on this, I'm really confused here. Thanks.

Robert Gough
(foxmagick) - MLife

Locale: New York
Nicely done on 06/14/2011 10:14:49 MDT Print View

Thank you, great article with lots of good info. Looking forward to the remaining articles. Kind of wish it was written before I bought my pack.

All Good Wishes

Spencer Goodwine
(spencewine) - F
Logic? on 06/14/2011 11:07:25 MDT Print View

I'm really interested in hearing the logic behind "metering this out every other week." The Iceland pack raft story would've been a great story to spread out into segments over the course of several weeks, but a consumer report? Really? I'm sure a lot of people (including myself) would like to see what packs are recommended before purchasing and going on their 1st hike of season. At this rate, I'll be surprised if this report wraps up by the end of August.

John Abela
(JohnAbela) - MLife

ZPacks Blast 26 on 06/14/2011 14:10:51 MDT Print View

Hey All,

Over the last few years I have gone from the ULA Circuit to the HMG Windrider and than awhile back made the transition to the ZPacks Blast 26, and here recently placed an order for the ZPacks Zero. It has been a great adventure for me, being able to go from a huge pack to a medium size pack and than to a smaller backpack. I have learned so many things over the last few years that I wish I would have learned 20 years ago when it comes to light weight gear.

I did up a video a couple weeks ago after a hike on the ZPacks Blast 26 and thought some of you might be interested in watching the video and seeing some of its features (both included features and add-on features).

Once I get my ZPacks Zero and get some miles on it I will try to do a side-by-side video comparison - something I really am looking forward to doing!

If you are interested in seeing how much gear you can stuff into a Blast 26 I also did a video on my six pound setup while I was out hiking this past weekend. The pack was around 90% full. I could have easily of gotten another 3 or 4 days worth of food into the pack, or some heavier clothing, or a larger tent setup.

It has been an absolute amazing pleasure to be using a 6 ounce backpack - and very much look forward to using my ZPacks Zero at ~3 ounces! I truly cannot say that enough... gone are the days of lugging around 20+ ounces just for the backpack!!