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JMT 2011 July/August Partner
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Josh Greninger
(thinkpol) - F
JMT 2011 July/August Partner on 05/26/2011 15:24:02 MDT Print View

Planning to do the JMT this summer. I'm currently conditioning for it with a combination of long distance trail running and PCT sections.
I'd like to do it in 9-11 days. Was initially going to go it alone, but I'd prefer some company! ;)
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Kostas Lazanas
(klazanas9064) - F

Locale: SouthWest
partner on 05/27/2011 20:32:10 MDT Print View

Hey man the trip sounds incredible and I would love to join you. Look me up on Facebook and we can communicate further also you can send me a private message

(urbanadvent) - F
JMT 2011 July/August Partner on 05/27/2011 22:12:27 MDT Print View

This sounds good, i was planing to do this solo at around the same time frame, but having company would be great. i think my biggest concern on planing this trip for me is if i could try to do it with my bearboxer rather than a larger canister and take along a tenkara. 9-11 days or shorter for JMT is a good trip. whats is your projected pack/base weight for this trip? I've been wanting to do this trip with 10-13 pound base weight. keep me posted.

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Ryan Dunne

Locale: Humboldt
JMT on 05/28/2011 11:05:58 MDT Print View

What are you planning on doing for permits? I'm interested in a JMT hike this summer. I was thinking of doing about 10 days, leaving mid July, but I don't have a permit, so it doesn't matter when.

Carlos: I don't think you could get by with just a bearboxer, flyrod or not. That would hold about 3 days of food. I had trouble with a bearikade weekender last trip (12 days) with a resupply at MTR. I was wishing I had more food as it was. How are you planning on cooking your fish?

(urbanadvent) - F
JMT 2011 July/August Partner on 05/28/2011 16:21:37 MDT Print View

yeah, 3 comfortable days, though I've stretched it to 4, i think with great discipline and careful planing someone might be able to go 5 days with 1 high calories meal a day, but thats just me thinking the impossible, lol. i guess i'm just in denial, eventually ill have to surrender to the large canisters.

for the fish i was thinking of using bushcooker and pot to make fish soup, that would be the best way to get all the calories out of the fish. it would get repetitive but 10 days is not to much time for roughing it out. plus after that, the "back to civilization" hamburger would taste that much better. lol

Edited by urbanadvent on 05/28/2011 17:18:54 MDT.

Kostas Lazanas
(klazanas9064) - F

Locale: SouthWest
trail info on 05/28/2011 16:44:24 MDT Print View

How many mi is the trail does it include MT. Whitney... I thought the trail was like 200 mi long

Andy Duncan
(bluewater) - M

Locale: SoCal
JMT 2011 July/August Partner on 05/31/2011 16:06:57 MDT Print View

Hey Josh, I'm doing the first two sections of the JMT in July solo and August with a group then finishing solo in September. I'll be going at about a 15 mi/day pace. This is probably a little slow if you're doing the 222 miles in 9 - 11 days. Maybe I'll see you on the trail. PM if you're interested in joining along the way.

Peace, Andy.