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New Balance MT101 vs MT 10
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David Lutz

Locale: Bay Area
New Balance MT101 vs MT 10 on 05/25/2011 16:03:47 MDT Print View

I picked up a pair of New Balance MT-10 shoes today.

I had a pair on MT101s in an 11, but they didn't fit well.

The guy in the store today put me in 12s for the Mt-10s and they feel great. I don't know if it's a fair comparison since I didn't try the 101s in a 12.

The 10s are $25.00 more, who knows why.

The shoes use different lasts, do any of you 101 users know if these shoes will have a similar fit?

The 101s have a fairly rigid Vibram sole, that seems like a good idea to me, any thoughts?

Any comment regarding the similarities/differences between these two shoes would be much appreciated.


Craig W.
(xnomanx) - F - M
Re: New Balance MT101 vs MT 10 on 05/25/2011 17:47:15 MDT Print View

I run/backpack in both. There's really nothing similar about these shoes...hard to compare as they're not really in the same category.

You're going to experience some pretty real foot fatigue in the MT10s unless you're already wearing minimal shoes.

You can twist and fold the MT10 in half. The MT101 has a rock plate and thicker heel. The MT10 will allow you to feel, for better or worse, all the rocks you're stepping on. The 101 is more of a traditional shoe. The MT10 has a pretty roomy toebox, whereas the MT101 is far more pointed/narrow up front.

If anything, I think the MT101 runs tighter than the MT10, at least in the toebox. But the rest of the MT10 is snug-- it's not really designed with socks in mind.

Mat Tallman
(wehtaM) - F

Locale: Midwest
Re: Re: New Balance MT101 vs MT 10 on 05/25/2011 18:20:46 MDT Print View

I agree with the above.

I will add as well, that the MT10 fit me best in a 10, and the MT101 in a 10.5, so you might give the 101s another shot in a larger size. I don't really think I'd want to backpack any big miles in MT10s for the reasons stated above, seems like they'd beat your feet to death.

David Lutz

Locale: Bay Area
"New Balance MT101 vs MT 10" on 05/26/2011 12:31:05 MDT Print View

Thanks for your input.......

I'm going to hang on to the MT-10s, but I will also look at the 101s in a larger size. Do you guys know of a retailer that stocks them? I had a hard time finding them locally before and ended up buying from Zappos.

I do like the wide footbox of the 10, that seems to be key for a comfortable fit for me.

I wore this shoe every day for eight months or so:

Earth shoe

Ugly, but with a negative heel and a very large footbox they were very comfortable for me. I wore them on one 15 mile hike and they were fine, but I don't trust the grip of sole.

So I think I'm pretty comfortable with a minimal shoe, but I plan to keep testing.

Thanks again and I would appreciate any further advice.....

Brendan S
(brendans) - MLife

Locale: Fruita CO
Re: "New Balance MT101 vs MT 10" on 05/26/2011 13:03:26 MDT Print View

the 101s are 59.99 at If you go to the site through runblogger you can get an additional 10% off.