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Waterproofing cameras for potential swims
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Locale: Greater Gila
Waterproofing cameras for potential swims on 05/19/2011 13:29:39 MDT Print View

Title says it all. What are people's systems here for keeping cameras accessible, yet waterproofed against potential swims? I just got back from a week on the San Juan River (class I/II), and just stored my LX5 in an Aloksak in a PFD pocket. When it was time to run the lone class III rapid, I put that inside of the large dry bag inside of my pack. This would be a PITA on trips with more Class III, so I'd like another solution. Double bagging? Micro Pelican case inside of a larger aloksak??

Chris S
(ChrisvonS) - F

Locale: UK mostly
waterproof cam or lunchbox on 05/25/2011 08:41:19 MDT Print View

After fiddling about with Micro Peli boxes to house TZ Lumixes over the years, and still worrying about splashing, in the end I decided a waterproof camera was the way to go. You can just hang it round the neck, forget about the water and concentrate on the pix. I got a Lumix FT2 and a mate's used the similar but more bulky Canon D10 for over a year. Having said that, I was never convinced the Peli would have stood a long submersion, but it would be easy to improve the seal. And it’s a lot more accessible than an Aquapac (like an Aloksak AFAICT) which I feel you seal once for a trip, rather than expect to open regularly on the water.

I also have an LX5 which is a much better camera than the above two. I’d use that on a trip where getting really good shots was part of the goal. Unfortunately I’ve made my LX5 less compact by adding the screw-on protective lens housing tube (more against dust drawn in by zooming than water). On the water I’d settle for the inconvenience of an inexpensive sealed, clip-top lunchbox (tupperware) and hope for the best, while relying on the FT2 in splashier conditions.

In my opinion, above all a camera must be accessible, but paddling a deckless packraft or a solo kayak on a fast river has certain limitations.