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Advice on Down jackets
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Paul Osborn
(bcoutdoors) - F
Advice on Down jackets on 05/18/2011 12:19:13 MDT Print View

So I have some questions on down jackets. I don't have a lot of experience with them but down here in South America I've come across a number of knockoffs that are made in peru.

This may not make sense, but the down filled jacket seams go right through (i.e. where the seam is there is no insulation). Is this normal or do quality jackets have offset seams so that the down is distributed evenly and you don't loose heat at the seams?

Chris W
(simplespirit) - MLife

Locale: .
Re: Advice on Down jackets on 05/18/2011 12:22:50 MDT Print View

What you're referring to sounds like a sewn-thru design. It's normal practice for most jackets under say $300.

Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Advice on Down jackets on 05/18/2011 12:24:58 MDT Print View

Down jackets that are sewn through are either cheaply made, or else they are intended for moderate-to-mild conditions. Quality down jackets that are intended for cold conditions are nearly always baffled.


Paul Osborn
(bcoutdoors) - F
so common? on 05/18/2011 12:25:49 MDT Print View

Wow and these things are all around $50 or so for a really high loft.

I might take another gander at them... Although I might have to take off the logos.

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Adam Kramer
(rbeard) - F

Locale: ATL, Southern Appalachia
Re: Re: Advice on Down jackets on 05/18/2011 12:26:18 MDT Print View

if you wear a windshirt over your down, you shouldn't notice any heat loss from the seams. also, remember that when worn, the down might fill in around the seam depending on how you wear the jacket. regardless, although it is not as warm as a baffled jacket, the heat loss is minimal and can be mitigated with a wind shirt.

Edited by rbeard on 05/18/2011 12:27:05 MDT.

Paul Osborn
(bcoutdoors) - F
Thanks for the feedback on 05/18/2011 12:32:18 MDT Print View

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Paul Tree
(Paul_Tree) - F

Locale: Wowwww
funneh on 05/18/2011 19:09:25 MDT Print View

heh.. "gander"