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Hells Canyon Rim to Rim Hiking/Packrafting Gear List
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David Drake
(DavidDrake) - F

Locale: North Idaho
Hells Canyon Rim to Rim Hiking/Packrafting Gear List on 05/17/2011 19:02:48 MDT Print View

This is my gear list for a rim-to-rim hike across Hells Canyon, planned for third week of July this summer. There will be two of us, but except for big three, most items are the same. A few are shared, and we'll swap items around to share weight of raft and camera gear. We were going to share a BA Seedhouse SL2, but the MYOG solo shelters I'm building will be lighter (one shaped tarp, one flat tarp). A MYOG 2 person shelter isn't in the cards right now, as most of my future trips will be solo.

Not so much looking for weight savings--I'm loaning gear to my hiking partner (a novice backpacker) and can't really make changes to any of our big three items. Mostly looking for any items I can drop from the list, or need to add.

The trip will be a leisurely 4 days, covering ~27 miles and more than 17,000 feet total elevation change. Hells Canyon is usually considered the deepest river gorge in North America. Possible conditions vary from 100 F + highs in the canyon bottom, to overnight lows in the 30s around Sheep Lake in the Seven Devils (probably with lingering snow fields). Canyon bottom has lots of poison ivy and rattlesnakes; upper elevations have some black bears and potential for bad weather. Some of Seven Devils section is above timberline.

We will start at Hat Point TH, the high point on the Oregon rim, and climb He Devil peak (boulder hopping and short section of class 3--no real exposure), which is the high point on the Idaho rim and highest peak in Seven Devils range (elev. ~9400 feet). Finish is at Windy Saddle TH.

I proposed a feature article on the trip for BPL, which has been accepted, so look for it some time after summer. My hiking partner is a photographer, and the pictures are for the article, hence the full sized dSLR.

River crossing will be via 2 person packraft at calm crossing. Probably ferry packs across first.


-Jansport Bivouac 49 stripped, 30 oz / Osprey Exos 58 stripped, 33 oz
-WM Ultralite 29 oz / GL Ultra 1+ season quilt 19 oz
-Prolite 3 short 13.7 oz / Prolite short 10.7 oz
-MYOG tent and MYOG tarp, + stakes and polycro >18 oz each

Kitchen (7.2 oz each):
-Super Cat + screen <1 oz
-8 oz Alky bottle 0.6 oz
-Kmart grease pot + flashing lid 3 oz
-GSI plastic cup 1.7 oz
-Mini Bic 0.5 oz
-LMF spork 0.4 oz

Hydration (4.9 oz each):
-(2) 2 liter Platy 2.6 oz total (need extra for PFD)
-1 liter Gatorade bottle 1.8 oz
-Aquamira (repackaged) 1 oz (shared)

Hygiene (1.2 oz each):
-Toothbrush 0.1 oz
-Toothpaste 0.1 oz
-Purell/Dr. Bs 1 oz

Essentials (9.5 oz each):
-Map 1 oz
-Compass 0.9 oz
-FAK/repair 1.7 oz
-Cyclops Atom + spare batt. 1.1oz
-Sunglasses 0.2 oz
-Sunscreen 0.5 oz
-LM Squirt S4 1.9 oz
-DEET 0.5 oz
-Trash compactor bag 2.2 oz

Food storage (3.7 oz shared):
-40’ bear line 1.2 oz
-Bag 1 oz
-Opsack (large) 1.5 oz

Packed Clothes (~38 oz each, typical):
-Wool 2 LS ¼ zip 4.6 oz
-Merino bottoms 5.3 oz
-Sleeping socks 2.3 oz
-¼ zip fleece 10.8 oz
-Beanie 1.6 oz
-Liner gloves 1.7 oz
-Rain shell (Precip or Red Ledge) <12 oz

-Varies. Both of us will use hiking poles (used for tarp poles and "poddles"), trail shoes, SS shirt, long pants, bandana, etc

-Food @ 1.4# pppd
-No more than 2 liters water carried
-8 oz alky each

-Alpacka Denali Llama 5# 3 oz (shared)
-(2) Blades for MYOG “Poddles” ~ 16 oz (shared)
-MYOG “Thing” type PFD ~4 oz (each)
-Canon dSLR + spare batteries and extra lens (no weight yet)

Total BW before “specials” (each):
-153.3 oz/143.3 oz (9 # 9.3 oz/8 # 15.3 oz)

A long post, I know. Thanks for any input.

Edited by DavidDrake on 05/17/2011 19:12:10 MDT.

David Drake
(DavidDrake) - F

Locale: North Idaho
Hells Canyon Gear List: Input anyone? on 05/18/2011 09:43:06 MDT Print View

Anything that can left behind? Anything missing?


David Chenault
(DaveC) - BPL Staff - F

Locale: Crown of the Continent
Hells Canyon on 05/18/2011 11:33:27 MDT Print View

Sounds like a cool trip.

Aside from the heavy shelter, nothing screams out as particularly deserving of replacement.

I look forward to the article.

David Drake
(DavidDrake) - F

Locale: North Idaho
Re: Hells Canyon on 05/18/2011 13:12:47 MDT Print View

Thanks for taking a look, David.

Re: Heavy shelters: I got the direction of my symbol wrong. Should be "LESS THAN" 18 oz each. And I think I may have figured out how to make a 2 person shaped tarp from the piece of silnylon I have, making shelter shared weight ~20 oz, or 10 oz each.

Thanks again.