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They're back again: The lightest cathole trowels on the planet ! Titanium, two sizes
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Robert Kelly
(QiWiz) - MLife

Locale: UL gear @
They're back again: The lightest cathole trowels on the planet ! Titanium, three sizes on 05/14/2011 17:15:01 MDT Print View

June 2015 UPDATE:

Trowel, saw, and stove info:

Before placing an order, please check the shipping page on my website (a link to this page is available on any page that you order from).

"Original", "Big Dig", and "MEGA Dig" trowels are available. Unless I am out of town or on trail, I can generally mail them out the very next day after you place your order. Can you dig it?

All trowels ship with the Advanced Cathole Users Manual, including my famous "soup" recipe.
HINT: Not the kind of soup you generally think of.


Prices are:

$29 for the smaller Original, < 0.4 oz, 6" long
$36 for the larger Big Dig, < 0.6 oz, 7.25" long
$39 for the largest MEGA Dig, 0.9 oz, 8.5" long

Big Digs have been by far the most popular model, though the MEGA Dig is too new to really know if many folks will go for its generous capacity.

If I need to ship your trowel outside the continental USA, this is easily arranged. I've sent trowels to more than a dozen countries on five continents.

Ordering is easy as pie at my new website:

Join the legions of BPLers who dig my trowels! Ultralight, nearly indestructible, cuts turf and small roots with ease. You know you know you WANT one.

See earlier sale comments and feedback from the ti trowel crew:

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David Cleckner
(blaster6) - F

Locale: Colorado
Re: They're back again: The lightest cathole trowels on the planet ! Titanium, two sizes on 05/14/2011 17:57:50 MDT Print View

Just sent paypal for an original.

Manfred Kopisch
(Orienteering) - F
My wife wants one too ... on 05/14/2011 18:07:21 MDT Print View

I just sent you PayPal payment for another Big Dig.

Stephen Barber
(grampa) - MLife

Locale: SoCal
Big Dig! on 05/14/2011 19:54:44 MDT Print View

Payment just sent for Big Dig!


Randy Martin
(randalmartin) - F

Locale: Colorado
Just ordered/paid for Big Dig on 05/14/2011 22:07:44 MDT Print View

Thanks Robert for the opportunity to go lighter!

Joseph R
(Dianoda) - MLife

Locale: Chicago, IL
Looking forward to the Big Dig! on 05/14/2011 22:16:25 MDT Print View

Hi Robert,
I just sent you $33 via paypal for a Big Dig. You just saved me a good 3 ounces!



Richard Banks
original on 05/15/2011 02:35:31 MDT Print View

Still got any originals left?


Dirk Rabdau
(dirk9827) - F

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Big Dig Please! on 05/15/2011 03:20:07 MDT Print View

Payment Sent!


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(jpovs) - F - M

Locale: Arrowhead
Re: They're back again: The lightest cathole trowels on the planet ! Titanium, two sizes on 05/15/2011 06:39:29 MDT Print View


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Robert Kelly
(QiWiz) - MLife

Locale: UL gear @
Uses for titanium trowel on 05/15/2011 08:20:50 MDT Print View

My Personal experiences:

Digging catholes
Digging out a spring or stream bed to scoop or filter water more easily
Collecting mineral soil for a mound fire
Digging tent stakes out of frozen soil when winter backpacking
Scooping coals out of the fire to create a bed of coals to bake scones

Others' actual experiences:

Spoon to eat with when primary spoon broken or lost
Tent stake when extra holding power needed in soft soil or high wind

Other possibilities worth mentioning:

Hide scraper
Fish scaler
Cut cheese blocks, Spam, sausages
Personal defense
Cutting rope or cord; whittling; making tinder (especially if you sharpen an edge)

I'm sure there are others. Anything that involves digging or scraping.

Edited by QiWiz on 05/25/2011 11:35:18 MDT.

Robert Kelly
(QiWiz) - MLife

Locale: UL gear @
Original and Big Dig trowels still available on 05/15/2011 08:28:17 MDT Print View

May 25, 2011 Update: Have now got enough titanium to make many trowels. Do not expect to run out anytime soon. Once I have filled existing orders, I will be creating an inventory so that I can ship the next day. I expect that this will be the case after Memorial Day 2011.

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lynda schroeder
(lyndasch15) - F
They're back again.... on 05/15/2011 09:42:40 MDT Print View

Payment sent for the original. Thanks

Daniel Fosse
(magillagorilla) - F

Locale: Southwest Ohio
Re: They're back again: The lightest cathole trowels on the planet ! Titanium, two sizes on 05/15/2011 22:39:49 MDT Print View

Can you get one to me in 1 week? If no, I'll catch you next time. I have a trip starting Memorial Day weekend. I can't wait to poo in the woods.

Robert Kelly
(QiWiz) - MLife

Locale: UL gear @
Order fast on 05/16/2011 05:55:38 MDT Print View

Big Digs are all sold. Still have a couple Originals. All orders will be shipped today. Happy digging!

* * * Note: As of 5/25 have plenty of titanium to make both Originals and Big Digs * * *

Edited by QiWiz on 05/28/2011 14:41:47 MDT.

Daniel Fosse
(magillagorilla) - F

Locale: Southwest Ohio
Re: Order fast on 05/16/2011 08:33:07 MDT Print View

Money sent! Hope I got you before you hit the post office.

Robert Kelly
(QiWiz) - MLife

Locale: UL gear @
Last one . . . on 05/17/2011 04:17:57 MDT Print View

One more Original left.
New titanium supply ordered.
Daniel's will be mailed today.

Cody Lebow

Locale: Orange County
trowel on 05/18/2011 11:57:29 MDT Print View

Are you willing to take preorders on the large one?

Robert Kelly
(QiWiz) - MLife

Locale: UL gear @
All gone at the old price, but trowel production has resumed on 05/18/2011 13:55:20 MDT Print View


Because of increased material (and postage) costs, prices are now $29 for Original and $36 for Big Dig. Sorry about that, but I've just had to pay 100% more for titanium than previously.

Add $2 for shipments outside the continental USA.


I'm going to make trowels ahead of orders so that you can get your trowel very quickly with only the wait of receiving a first class USPS package.

PayPal trowel payments and email questions should still be sent to me at robkelly54 at gmail dot com

Edited by QiWiz on 05/25/2011 11:28:52 MDT.

Stephen Barber
(grampa) - MLife

Locale: SoCal
BD Arrived! on 05/18/2011 15:22:50 MDT Print View

Big Dig arrived today - looks great! Especially the spiffy rainbow anodizing job!!! ;)


Daniel Fosse
(magillagorilla) - F

Locale: Southwest Ohio
got it on 05/20/2011 11:19:18 MDT Print View

Got my Original Dig. I was worried it would be too small but it's actually a great size. I was going to do a full field test it in my yard last night but ..... I have neighbors.

I was also pleasently supprised that it came with a stow poutch. I folded the tyvec envelope you sent it in, taped it long-ways, and cut open the short end. It fits the Dig and my Ti tent pegs at .15oz!