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Dumb silnylon question
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David Drake
(DavidDrake) - F

Locale: North Idaho
Dumb silnylon question on 05/11/2011 10:06:52 MDT Print View

Just picked up some silnylon for a tent project. It *appears* both sides are the same (ie, no right or wrong). If so, I can save material by flipping some of my pattern panels face down for a more efficient layout (sorry if that description is confusing).

Any problem doing this?

If it matters, the silnylon is 1.1 oz 2nds, described as coated both sides. Looks flawless--weighs out at about 0.1-0.2 heavier per sy than I expected (1.6 oz/sy actual). I assume this means a little heavier coating of sil.

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Eddie Rivera
(eddieruko) - F
Wondering the same thing... on 05/11/2011 10:18:47 MDT Print View

I noticed a "shiny side" on my Seattle Fabrics 1sts sil that I bought and used on a previous project, but I've got 2nds on the way from Noah Lamport for a tarp. I imagine there's a difference between sil-impregnated vs sil-coated...

I haven't used sil extensively but it's only a matter of time before the smarter BPL faithful chime in.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Dumb silnylon question on 05/11/2011 14:04:43 MDT Print View

Any problem doing this?

Nope. Both sides of fabric are the same. That has been my experience at least with all the sil I have bought over the years.

The weight discrepancy you see is because they give the weight of the fabric before coating.

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Scott Littlefield
(sclittlefield) - F

Locale: Northern Woods of Maine
Silnylon on 05/11/2011 14:07:35 MDT Print View

Yeah, go ahead and flip your patterns for the best fabric savings. If it's silnylon, it's coated both sides (also referred to as "impregnated" - manufacturers call it double-coated). So, all that to say, it's the same on either side. And if it's a 30d (1.1oz w/o coating) silnylon, then the extra weight should just be coating.

- Scott

David Drake
(DavidDrake) - F

Locale: North Idaho
Re: Silnylon on 05/11/2011 14:28:49 MDT Print View

Thanks for the confirmation, folks.

Scott, I bought the silnylon from your site--excellent, fast service by the way, and the product looks great (and a nice price). WRT the weight--I expected 1.4 oz-1.5 oz w/coating and this is more like 1.6. No problem *at all* with that--the weight gain is trivial. I was wondering if this meant there was a bit more sil, and thus the fabric was a bit more waterproof. Seems I've read that some silnylon 2nds are less waterproof than some 1sts.

Obviously, buying 2nds I wasn't expecting perfection. But in my limited experience, this looks pretty close to it. Can't wait to get started on my shelter.

Thanks again for the help.

John West
(skyzo) - M

Locale: Borah Gear
sil on 05/11/2011 20:53:09 MDT Print View

I noticed the same thing with one batch of silnylon I bought a while back. It weighed in at 1.6, where most of the sil I have used recently weighs 1.3-1.4