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Pacific Outdoor Equipment Peak Elite AC Sleeping Pad $US 64 at
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Manuel Espejo
(manuel.espejo) - F

Locale: La Cuchilla de los Santa.
Pacific Outdoor Equipment Peak Elite AC Sleeping Pad $US 64 at on 05/10/2011 12:39:32 MDT Print View

I just order one Regular sized.

William Wang
(billwang) - M

Locale: SF Bay Area
Just placed an order on 05/10/2011 15:00:17 MDT Print View

I didn't think this was available yet. I just placed an order though. Thanks! -Bill

Chad "Stick" Poindexter
(Stick) - F

Locale: Wet & Humid Southeast....
Re: Pacific Outdoor Equipment Peak Elite AC Sleeping Pad $US 64 at on 05/10/2011 16:37:37 MDT Print View

The site says they are out of stock and will ship when they are available.

drowning in spam
(leaftye) - F

Locale: SoCal
Re: Pacific Outdoor Equipment Peak Elite AC Sleeping Pad $US 64 at on 05/10/2011 17:39:42 MDT Print View

That link goes to what I believe is the women's version, which can be detrimental if they're insulation mapping is substantially different. In any case, it's the short version. Thanks though.

Manuel Espejo
(manuel.espejo) - F

Locale: La Cuchilla de los Santa.
Sorry. on 05/10/2011 18:49:32 MDT Print View

Amazon confirmed my order, the pad will be on my hands on may 12, when i place the order there was only 6 in stock. i was hunting this pad for several days, time to replace my BA Clearview.

p.d: excuse my english.

Edited by manuel.espejo on 05/10/2011 18:50:19 MDT.

Dustin Short
(upalachango) - MLife
Re: Re: Pacific Outdoor Equipment Peak Elite AC Sleeping Pad $US 64 at on 05/10/2011 20:20:11 MDT Print View

From the specs for the women's version vs the regular, the women's is 1oz heavier at 15oz and shorter as well.

I'm thinking the women's version probably has a higher R-value. This would account for the extra weight and is appropriate since women tend to sleep colder than men, thus making it gender specific (Also the POE site says they use "bio mapping" in the foot region). So anyone picking this up, you're most likely getting a warmer but heavier pad than the regular.

Stephen B Elder Jr
(selder) - M

Locale: Front range CO
Peak Elite AC on 05/10/2011 20:53:19 MDT Print View

I checked Amazon for a size regular a month or so ago and had go the "notify me when available" routine. A couple of weeks later they emailed me that there was no expected in stock date and that my order was being canceled. I found one at Sportsman's Guide of all places, was delivered maybe 5 days after I ordered it in spite of a 3 week expected ship date they warned of. More $ though.

Have fun,

Manuel Espejo
(manuel.espejo) - F

Locale: La Cuchilla de los Santa.
;) on 05/10/2011 21:50:56 MDT Print View

well, Amazon send the tracking number. the package is on the way :)

William Wang
(billwang) - M

Locale: SF Bay Area
Shipped on 05/11/2011 09:21:28 MDT Print View

I got an email that my order (should be regular size 20x72x2.5) shipped for $64.53. So we shall see what arrives.

Gabe Miller
(gabespartan) - F
Re: Shipped on 05/11/2011 09:48:06 MDT Print View

Can you send the link to the regular? I don't see it on there, just the women's. I am looking for the long, actually.

William Wang
(billwang) - M

Locale: SF Bay Area
Got my POE Peak Elite AC Regular - only 11.8oz! on 05/12/2011 18:47:06 MDT Print View

Received just today from Amazon. It only weighs 11.8oz (334g)!! which is great since I thought it was going to be 14oz (which is what is says on the box). I hope they didn't forget to put in some of insulation. I haven't inflated it yet, but it has some panels on one side on the inside, it feels like.

Ryan Elsey
(paintballswimguy) - F

Locale: Kansas City
size regualar on 05/13/2011 10:53:56 MDT Print View

I exchanged my neoair trekker for one of these pads in a size regular. I haven't tried sleeping on it yet, it feels a lot smaller though. it does way significantly less though

d k
(dkramalc) - MLife
just got my POE Peak Elite AC women's on 05/19/2011 15:06:51 MDT Print View

Timing could not be better; I am going out later today for an overnight to play with all my new toys, and when I got back from shopping a few minutes ago it was on the front porch. Pad only (no stuffsack, cinch strap or repair kit) is 10.45 oz on my scale; I am also wondering if some of the insulation was left out. I just emailed POE to ask if they know why the difference between the weight and the specs on their site.

Will report back tomorrow on comfort when I've had a chance to sleep on it.

edit: see user review by me

Edited by dkramalc on 05/20/2011 15:47:01 MDT.

d k
(dkramalc) - MLife
POE Peak Elite AC lighter than planned on 05/19/2011 16:24:27 MDT Print View

Here's my reply from POE customer service when I asked whether my lighter than specs pad was a 2nd, or what...

Hi Debbie,

This is accurate.
Our Peak Elite AC pads are lighter than originally planned.
The reason for this is our original weight is from a sample piece. Once this item was put into production it is even lighter which is a nice surprise. No it is not missing anything. There is always a slight variation from pad to pad. We have been seeing pieces from 10 oz. to 12 oz. with a mean of about 11.5 oz for the 'regular' length. So for the Petite length you should be a little lighter than that. Which you are.

So your pad is exactly where it should be.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact me.

Josh Wise

Customer Service
Pacific Outdoor Equipment, Laken and Baladeo USA

Paul Hatfield
(clear_blue_skies) - F
$63.74 with free with Super Saver Shipping on 05/21/2011 08:08:56 MDT Print View

The regular Pacific Outdoor Equipment Peak Elite AC Sleeping Pad is back in stock at Amazon. $63.74 with free with Super Saver Shipping

Manuel Espejo
(manuel.espejo) - F

Locale: La Cuchilla de los Santa.
367 grams! on 05/23/2011 21:17:31 MDT Print View

I just open the box and turn ON the scale: 367 grams, a lot of waiting time from USA to Manizales, Colombia! time to head out to the Paramo ;)

Steven Adeff
(TinCanFury) - F

Locale: Boston
got mine the other day on 05/25/2011 08:37:27 MDT Print View

much smaller and lighter than my prolite 4, haven't weight it yet though.

chris gorham
(cmg3dd) - F
back on amazon on 05/30/2011 15:45:12 MDT Print View

Back on sale on Amazon at the sales price and free shipping.

Heath Pitts
(heathpitts) - F

Locale: Nashville on 05/30/2011 17:56:56 MDT Print View

Backcountry has these in stock as well with free shipping. Not for 64 though :(

Serge Giachetti
(sgiachetti) - M

Locale: Boulder, CO
backcountry edge on 05/30/2011 22:10:33 MDT Print View

I got a long one from backcountry edge. Feels pretty comfy and it only weighs 12.5 oz! A bit under spec.