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Help with Female Leader Uniform
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Kim Perley
(Amanita) - F
Help with Female Leader Uniform on 05/07/2011 07:10:39 MDT Print View


I recently got hired to work at a Boy Scout Camp this summer. The camp requires that we have both field and activity uniforms for use on duty. Being female and having no family members who are scouts, I've had to do some research in to what exactly these uniforms entail. The literature I've found indicates that female scout leaders are allowed to wear "official" skirts and female blouses/shirts to comply with uniform requirements. However, I have been unable to locate any reliable online retailer of official skirts and female blouses.

Can anyone help me locate a retailer of female scout attire? Ideally, this retailer would provide bust, waist, and hip measurements for all garments to assist in determining size/fit. Or is there a physical store that sells such items in New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, or New Hampshire?

Thank You!

Bob Bankhead
(wandering_bob) - MLife

Locale: Oregon, USA
Re: Help with Female Leader Uniform on 05/07/2011 07:42:48 MDT Print View

Most local BSA Council offices have an attached Scouting Store that carries, among other BSA items, uniforms.

Failing that, contact the person or office that hired you regarding the matter.

Kim Perley
(Amanita) - F
female clothing on 05/07/2011 07:46:44 MDT Print View

Although I haven't been to the store yet, the list of uniform items available from my most local one only includes MALE uniform items. I am specifically looking for female items, which are much more difficult to find, but do exist.

Manfred Kopisch
(Orienteering) - F
BSA - Official Uniforms -- Skirts on 05/07/2011 07:52:10 MDT Print View

Hi Kim,

you can use this store locator to find Boy Scout stores in your area. In case there is none in your area you can order in the online store
Under "Shorts, Skirts and Trousers" you will hopefully soon find the new re-designed BSA skirts that are supposed to be re-introduced next month. For a long time there was not enough demand for skirts - women preferred the lady uniform pants. Now there is increased demand and skirts will again show up in stores. Before you buy the uniform find out whether your summer camp wants you to wear a Boy Scout uniform or a Venturing uniform.

Have fun at the summer camp!


Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Help with Female Leader Uniform on 05/07/2011 08:17:12 MDT Print View

eBay has skorts in size 8 & 10. Maybe searching on skort rather than skirt? eBay has blouses too.

Can you sing "Say My Name"? :)

Destiny's Child goes scouting!

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Kim Perley
(Amanita) - F
Available in June? on 05/07/2011 08:19:05 MDT Print View

So the skirts will be available again from official stores in June? Thank you, that was exactly the information I needed to know.

Manfred Kopisch
(Orienteering) - F
Availability of Skirts for Official BSA Uniform on 05/07/2011 08:55:25 MDT Print View

June is the date I heard. The webpage that says "Shorts, SKIRTS and trousers" clearly indicates that there should be skirts for sale too.

You can contact the BSA's Supply Group at

2109 Westinghouse Blvd. • P.O. Box 7143 • Charlotte, NC 28241-7143 • 800-323-0732 • Fax 704-588-5822 to find out details. They also offer a made-to-measure service for uniforms. So you can contact them and have a official skirt made with your individual measures (if the stock sizes don't fit you). I believe that service charges an extra 22% over list price.

Have a great weekend,


Patricia Deutsch
(pdeutsch) - F
Double check with Camp Director on 05/19/2011 21:21:20 MDT Print View

I would double check with your specific camp director to be sure what he/she expects for uniforming. As one commenter pointed out it could be Venture uniform for woman instead of Boy Scout uniform.

To give you an idea, my son works at a local Boy Scout Camp and the "activity" uniform consists of:
- official BSA shorts (or pants but we're in TX so too hot for pants!) WITH a belt
if wearing the "switchbacks" they already have a built in belt otherwise he
needs an official BSA belt.
- official BSA socks
- camp issued t-shirt (he got 3 t-shirts from the camp)
- camp issued hat

"field uniform" consists of:
- same as above except shirt is replaced (or covered) with the tan shirt (also referred to as "class A" shirt)

A few other notes:
- tan shirts have ladies versions
- the new pants style no longer has a specific ladies version and most ladies go with the "relaxed" fit men's version. Quite honestly, the older ladies pants were absolutely aweful in fit and the men's relaxed fit is so much better.

Honestly can't say anything about the skirt other than I don't think I want to wear a skirt at Boy Scout camp :-)

Steofan The Apostate
(simaulius) - F

Locale: Bohemian Alps
Help with Female Leader Uniform on 05/19/2011 22:09:14 MDT Print View

Try and call them if you have any questions.
Remember to always pitch your tent both uphill and upwind of the troop.

Have fun!

lynda schroeder
(lyndasch15) - F
female uniforms on 05/20/2011 08:07:40 MDT Print View

When I was involved, I had men's pants, and a men's shirt. I didn't find our trading post until after I bought my uniform.

I modified my shirt. The tail was too long and the shirt didn't button up past the small of my waist. I cut the tail down and added a gusset near the bottom. I hemmed the pants, and they were very comfortable.

My daughter worked at Boy Scout camp two summers. She also had men's uniforms.
Our troop had a uniform swap in the spring of the first year my daughter worked at camp. They had men's pants with worn knees. I took them home cut off the pant legs, and hemmed the legs. Free shorts! I think she borrowed a pair of out grown shorts from her brother. I found her shirt at goodwill. I changed the patches on it, and nearly free shirt. The class B (or activity) shirt, and hat were issued to her by the camp.

Remember when looking for gently used uniforms. That an older (not current style) official uniform is still an official uniform, and can be used. The shorts I modified for her were an older style. They looked cute and were slightly different from the rest, but still official.
Remember, when modifying any official uniform. Be conservative, to the point, that no one would know EVER.

lynda schroeder
(lyndasch15) - F
female uniform on 05/20/2011 08:18:33 MDT Print View

Question, Is there a reason you are looking at skirts? Women can also wear pants, shorts, they even had a pair of horrible coulots. (the guy running the trading post always tried to sell me the coulots, creep)

Kim Perley
(Amanita) - F
Yes, Skirts! on 06/02/2011 07:14:22 MDT Print View

Since I last checked this thread I see a lot of questions about why I'm looking for skirts. I really LIKE wearing skirts, they are cool and comfortable in the summer. In normal life I wear a skirt almost 50% of the time, and that number would be higher if winters weren't so cold in Vermont.

I rarely wear shorts, reserving them for activities where a skirt would be a hindrance or too revealing (hiking, rock climbing, boating, ect). I will primarily teach arts and crafts at this camp, which a skirt would be totally appropriate for.

Adjusting to wearing a uniform everyday is going to be a new and challenging experience for me. I'd like to wear a skirt because it is closer to what I normally wear at home.

Doug I.
(idester) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: Yes, Skirts! on 06/02/2011 07:29:48 MDT Print View

"I really LIKE wearing skirts, they are cool and comfortable in the summer."

Evan McCarthy and Matt Perry feel the same way about their skirts, so you're not alone......

Evan McCarthy
(evanrussia) - MLife

Locale: Mid-Atlantic
Skirts, Kilts = Bliss on 06/02/2011 07:53:14 MDT Print View

As Doug correctly pointed out, I prefer hiking in a skirt, ahem, kilt. If you can get over having your lower legs exposed (some like pants and full protection, even in the heat of summer), having your entire leg be able to breath helps ventilate the entire body, prevents the skin from being suffocated, and allows for full freedom of movement. I love it. Wearing my kilt this weekend in high and humid 80s made it worth its weight in gold. All of these principles should apply to normal skirts as well. I wear the Mountain Hardware kilt, which is made from the same material as normal hiking pants. And I sport one of Tim Marshall's 1 oz. sporrans as well, thanks to Doug Wolf.

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Doug I.
(idester) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: Skirts, Kilts = Bliss on 06/02/2011 08:06:18 MDT Print View

Ever hear that wonderful song "The Scotsman" by Mike Cross? A similar thing happened to me when I was a bit younger. I used to wear a kilt all the time. Loved it.

But had a bit too much to drink one night, fell asleep by a tree on the way home, and someone came by and had a look. Only instead of a blue ribbon, they tied one of those laugh bags around my, ummm, partner.

I haven't worn a kilt since. Some times I still quietly cry at night thinking about it.......

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