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Clothing list for 20°F Camping
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Nathan Stuart

Locale: Hunter Valley - Australia
Clothing list for 20°F Camping on 05/05/2011 03:47:23 MDT Print View

I am still debating clothing for my trip into the snow (Australia, Our winter is your summer ???)

Could get down to 20°F or a little lower at night.
I'm just unsure regarding my clothing layers for camp.
I don't own a thickly insulated down jacket but I do have two Montbell inner jackets, One half sleeve, one normal jacket.

The clothes I would take and wear in camp are:
-Silk balaclava
-blackrock beanie
-190gsm merino base layer
-100wt polarfleec top
-Montbell UL inner jacket (medium)
-Montbell UL half sleeve inner jacket (Large, fits over other items without killing any loft)
-Montane featherweight wind smock
-I'll also have my eVent packa
-Underarmor compression type boxer pants
-200gsm merino base layer
-custom goosefeet down 2/3rd pants, 2.5oz 800fill (The finish about 2" under my knee cap)
-Montane featherlight wind pants.
-I'll also have my hiking pants, Columbia Tiatainium and also some MLD sil rain chaps

I'm certain my legs will be fine as I've plenty of layers and those down pants are WARM...

What concerns me is the level of insulation I'll have for my upper body.
Do you think the layered jackets will suffice or should I be looking at a better, more lofty jacket. Obviously I could shave some weight with a single jacket but I'd like to use what I have if possible.

Wild Exped
(bankse) - MLife

Locale: OZ
Sleeping Bag? on 05/05/2011 05:11:05 MDT Print View

While it might get down to 20F regularly on the mainland ranges (and a little less regularlly in Tasmania) the winter minimums are also quite variable. Ive used some of those gear combinations and looking at the amount of layers you have there i'd be satisfied. I'd expect a few cold evenings but would just retreat to the sleeping bag sooner.

Most people here tend towards a full outer rain shell in winter. The wet snow and sleety rain have left me more dangerously cold at 30F than dry 20F conditions.

I currently use a Montane event shell, montbell U/L hoody, vest, synthetic midlayer and wool under. Below I have the mb down pants and event shell, wool thermals. I use this in combo with a Marmot Helium inside a MLD bivvy.

I also have a Montane Hooded down Jacket, that I take in place of the mb hoody if im planning on taking time/photos etc, or if im not solo and might be sitting up at on.. I also have a Montane Flux that I take instead if working (guiding).

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Nathan Stuart

Locale: Hunter Valley - Australia
Re: Sleeping bag on 05/05/2011 05:17:30 MDT Print View

Thanks for the response Paul.

Just to clear things up I'll be doing a 4 night trip into Barrington Tops chasing the snow either late June/July ??? When it hit's the ground.

As for my sleep system I'm a hammock camper and will have a down hammock gear 900fill 3 season 3/4UQ with 2oz overfill + a 3 season wide TQ with 2oz overfill. I'll sleep warm, it's just the sitting around / mornings that I'm unsure about.

jerry adams
(retiredjerry) - MLife

Locale: Oregon and Washington
Re: Re: Sleeping bag on 05/05/2011 07:51:30 MDT Print View

I sit around mornings at 20 F wearing a 1.375 inch synthetic or a 2.25 inch down vest, base layer long shirt, and a jacket, fleece hat, long pants - quite warm

Wild Exped
(bankse) - MLife

Locale: OZ on 05/05/2011 08:44:49 MDT Print View

"Just to clear things up I'll be doing a 4 night trip into Barrington Tops chasing the snow either late June/July ??? When it hit's the ground." my home turf and I believe the tops are quite high (no doubt still cold ) but that's a Long way north, does it snow up there?

Nathan Stuart

Locale: Hunter Valley - Australia
Yeh it snows on 05/05/2011 15:43:16 MDT Print View

Yep Barrington tops snows each year. The main plateau is around the 1400-1550 mark and is just a heap of large marshy area's with some hills in the mix. The snow doesn't last long up there as generally it's washed away by the rain the will follow it.
It's local to me so I have the flexibilty to be ready to go and do so once the snow is on the ground.
I wish it was a nice powder type snow but I think it will be more like a yellowish ooozz that I'll slush about in for a few days !!!

I'll be doing a Kosi trip later in the year to and the conditions will be similar so it's all good information for me.

Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: Clothing list for 20°F Camping on 05/05/2011 16:30:50 MDT Print View

Sounds pretty fair to me. Barrington Tops could be cold, but not knee-deep in snow. Yeah, the layered jackets should be enough. You won't need all that much while moving in the daytime anyhow. The Tops don't get as much wind as Kosci.

What will affect it all is whether you are trying to tarp under those conditions, or will be using a tent. With a decent tent (plus SB or quilt) you should be fine, especially in any of the tree-covered areas.


Thomas Burns
(nerdboy52) - MLife

Locale: "Alas, poor Yogi.I knew him well."
Silk balaklava on 05/05/2011 17:53:55 MDT Print View

I never had much luck with mine -- the wind cuts right through it. I replaced it with a wool Buff, which I can wear in a variety of ways, depending on the weather, including full balaclava mode.