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Short 2 Night at Pt. Reyes?
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Iabo Si
(iabosi) - F
Short 2 Night at Pt. Reyes? on 05/04/2011 08:10:14 MDT Print View

Let me preface with a great thanks to the community, you've been an invaluable source of information and inspiration.

A friend and I will be visiting San Fransisco next week and I wanted to go on a short 2 night hike in Pt. Reyes before we depart.

The area is huge and has a ton of trails as far as I know, so I wanted to get some advice from the BPL community on which trail to take and how to get there! (if you would be so kind!)

We will be flying into San Fransisco and will need a ride to and from the trail head. We want to leave from San Fransisco Sunday afternoon (around 1 or 2PM) to go straight to a trailhead and be back at San Fransisco international airport by 1PM on Tuesday.

I'm well seasoned but my partner needs to take it easy, what's the best long day hike or short overnight we can stretch out over a couple nights that will still give us some good photo ops and maybe leave us close to the trailhead/exit early on Tuesday so we can head out to the airport in time? Lastly, if anyone wants to join we'd love some company!

EDIT: We will be leaving next Sunday the 15th of May.

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kris hammonds
(kristoHIKES) - F

Locale: nor*cal
Wildcat Camp and Coastal Camp. on 05/04/2011 09:11:09 MDT Print View

depending on the mileage you are looking for depends on what trail(s) you will want to use, but i would recommend staying at Wildcat Camp one, if not both of the nights. i have also done a nice little circuit there where i hike from bear valley center to coastal camp for a night, about 7 miles. then hiked the coastal trail to Wildcat Camp on day 2, about 9 miles, then the 6 or so miles from Wildcat back to Bear Valley Center on the last day.

while at wildcat, you should walk the on the beach south for mile or so down to alamere falls.

kris hammonds
(kristoHIKES) - F

Locale: nor*cal
wildcat camp on 05/04/2011 09:20:48 MDT Print View

to take is easy, i would just hike the six miles into Wildcat camp. stay there sunday night and monday, leave early tuesday and you can be back to your car within 3 hours of leaving wildcat. so leave by 7am back to the car by 10 am and on to the airport.

wildcat camp

this is the bluff that is Wildcat Camp. amazing views of the pacific. your own private stretch of beach....

Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
Re: wildcat camp on 05/04/2011 15:26:57 MDT Print View

Kris pretty much nailed it. Wildcat is a great spot!

However I have a question, you are renting a car correct???

Iabo Si
(iabosi) - F
Awesome! on 05/04/2011 17:07:50 MDT Print View

Wildcat it is. Can't thank you enough, I'll report back with pictures!

EDIT: Looks like as of now I'll be renting a car, there's a possibility I may be able to borrow a car from a friend; but I cannot say for sure.

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kevin smith
pt reyes on 05/04/2011 20:15:51 MDT Print View

don t even think about inviting any of these guys LOL


Iabo Si
(iabosi) - F
Trip was great, thanks again guys! on 05/18/2011 20:34:27 MDT Print View

Trip was awesome, I would recommend Wildcat to anyone. Here's a picture!Pt. Reyes - Wildcat