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Teepee/Pyramid Style without center pole?
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Mike Philip
(mphilip) - F
Teepee/Pyramid Style without center pole? on 05/02/2011 16:09:19 MDT Print View

This is an odd question but I'll ask it anyway...

Is there a way that i can make a Teepee or Prymid style tarp/tent without having the pole in the middle?



Rick Dreher
(halfturbo) - MLife

Locale: Northernish California
Re: Teepee/Pyramid Style without center pole? on 05/02/2011 16:20:10 MDT Print View

Hi Mike,

Two methods come to mind: two even longer poles running up opposite sides in an inverted V or suspension from above, using an overhead branch or guyline. I've never tried either but have seen photos of the first solution at work. I'd love to try the tree branch hang but that perfect tree never appears where I've camped. Might be more applicable in deciduous forests.



Joseph Reeves

Locale: Southeast Alaska
Re: Teepee/Pyramid Style without center pole? on 05/02/2011 16:23:18 MDT Print View

We often use either a tree limb or a line hung between two trees to support our 9x9 Oware Pyramid. It creates a lot more space inside without the hiking poles. Have also used a kayak paddle on occasion.

Tarp Camp

and with a greenland style paddle

Pyramid Tarp Camp, Stephens Passage, Alaska

David Olsen

Locale: Steptoe Butte
Re: Teepee/Pyramid Style without center pole? on 05/02/2011 16:24:00 MDT Print View

/scissor poles 1 mm cordAlphamid with tree tip support

Edited by oware on 05/02/2011 16:27:44 MDT.

David LaRue
(Phaedrus) - F

Locale: Chicagoland
Slick Setup on 05/02/2011 16:50:52 MDT Print View

I like the set-up

P.S. I also noticed the UL hatchet on the ground too. ;-)

Mike Philip
(mphilip) - F
no trees on 05/02/2011 18:43:33 MDT Print View

I won't have the option of trees so I will have to use a pole system of some sort. Thinking of one pole in each corner and a hub of some sort on the top.

Has to be light but not ultra light, quickt to set up and relitively small once apart.


jerry adams
(retiredjerry) - MLife

Locale: Oregon and Washington
Re: no trees on 05/02/2011 19:06:34 MDT Print View

I don't see the problem with a pole in the center

The pole(s) is a fairly significant portion of the total weight

If you have 2 or 4 poles they'll be much heavier

Sleep on one side of the pole, have your stuff on the other side. Or if you have 2 people just have one person on each side of pole

Walter Carrington
(Snowleopard) - M

Locale: Mass.
Half pyramid. on 05/02/2011 19:24:26 MDT Print View

An advantage of a half pyramid is that the pole doesn't go in the middle.

billy goat
(billygoat) - F

Locale: West.
the "chastity pole" on 05/02/2011 19:33:15 MDT Print View

It was a humorous milestone in our relationship when my gf and I first skewed the chastity pole in her 'mid. :)

Mike Philip
(mphilip) - F
Re: Half pyramid. on 05/02/2011 20:43:18 MDT Print View

Anyone have a pic of a half pyramid?



Chris Muthig
(cmuthig) - M

Locale: Georgia
Half Mid on 05/02/2011 21:12:37 MDT Print View

I may be wrong, but I think David's second photo is of an Alphamid, which would be half of a pyramid. The side with the zipper is perpendicular to the ground.

jerry adams
(retiredjerry) - MLife

Locale: Oregon and Washington
Re: the "chastity pole" on 05/02/2011 21:23:47 MDT Print View

"the chastity pole"


if you have a 9 foot pyramid, it would be 4.5 feet on each side, room for two friendly people on one side, especially if you push the bottom of the pole over a few inches

tkkn c
(tkknc) - MLife

Locale: Desert Rat in the Southwest
Teepee/Pyramid Style without center pole? on 05/02/2011 21:27:19 MDT Print View

Here is how to do it with a avalanche ski pole.

bugnet 1

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