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Vadim Fedorovsky
WTB ANY PACK ASAP on 04/30/2011 09:14:12 MDT Print View

Hey there, I want to get my friend a light pack. He just got into backpacking. His torso size is between 18 and 19". We are open to anything, but are trying to go no higher than 125 dollars.

email me at

i pay right away!

John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
Re: WTB ANY PACK ASAP on 04/30/2011 09:19:44 MDT Print View

On gear swap right now.

Party On,


nanook ofthenorth
(nanookofthenorth) - MLife
... on 04/30/2011 09:42:07 MDT Print View

Serratus Icefall? Like new, never really ended up using it. When do you need it by and where are you?

Rodney Mruk

Locale: Northeast Oregon
New Pack on 04/30/2011 09:49:42 MDT Print View

I have a brand new BPL Absoroka Pack both pack and hipbelt are large. I've listed it at $115 which is what I paid for it plus shipping CONUS. If you want it, shoot me an email at

John West
(skyzo) - F

Locale: Borah Gear
Pack on 04/30/2011 10:07:26 MDT Print View

I've got a like new GG Virga I'd let go for $75 shipped. Size M

Vadim Fedorovsky
G4 medium on 05/05/2011 07:33:53 MDT Print View

Hey everyone thank you for the awesome offers and please keep them coming!

nick safley

Locale: here/ /there
Osprey Talon 44 on 05/05/2011 08:01:49 MDT Print View

I have a large talon 44 with some trimming. Removed large exterior pocket and gel pack holder on the shoulder strap. Really great pack, but I am going to grad school and need to fit all my stuff into my car! 2# 4oz

$50 shipped

Matt F
(matt_f) - MLife
ULA CDT on 05/05/2011 08:06:42 MDT Print View

ULA CDT, M/L for $95 is the version with the removable hipbelt pockets. I've modified the buckle apparatus a bit to make the size large belt fit my 31" waist really well. I can send you some picks if you'd like. Its in great shape and used for about two weeks total. For what it is worth, I'm about 5'11" with an 18.5 inch torso. I'm selling it because I now make most of my own gear and I've made a replacement.

Best of luck,


nick safley

Locale: here/ /there
Picks of Talon on 05/06/2011 07:20:59 MDT Print View


Pick if interested!

Jim DeMoss
(dirtymingo) - F
Golite Jam on 05/10/2011 12:41:23 MDT Print View

I have a brand new Jam pack. Never used with tags still on size L. $130 shipped.

Addie Bedford
(addiebedford) - MLife

Locale: Montana
Overzealous on 05/10/2011 16:43:49 MDT Print View

I was way off and just removed three posts that could have stayed given the original posting. I'm sorry for taking a heavy hand in Roger's brief absence!

Tad Englund
(bestbuilder) - F - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: WTB ANY PACK ASAP on 05/10/2011 16:58:32 MDT Print View

GOlite Quest, size medium used on 2 overnighters- its new

Jim DeMoss
(dirtymingo) - F
Re: Overzealous on 05/10/2011 17:13:22 MDT Print View

So, that was fair play?? I think you were correct in deleting that post. Vendors and promotions should have a separate forum.

I will drop my price on the Jam to $120 in good faith.

Edited by dirtymingo on 05/10/2011 17:14:24 MDT.

Misfit Mystic

Locale: "Grand Canyon of the East"
Fair Play? on 05/10/2011 18:09:04 MDT Print View

IMO the posts should have stayed. Sorry Jim, but there is alot more to this forum than the gear swap. BPL is ultimately about the free exchange of ideas and information. You have a total of 3 posts, all concerning buying/selling gear. This place is not anything like other forums you mentioned; I imagine most members here are more interested in helping Socrates find a pack for his friend than protecting your potential sales.

My $.02 PEACE

Greg Yurkovich
(Chubbs4U) - F
GoLite on 05/10/2011 23:23:32 MDT Print View

I think they have their 40% off sale back. Could get a new pack, one he picks out, for a great price.

Jim DeMoss
(dirtymingo) - F
Re: Fair Play? on 05/11/2011 00:05:04 MDT Print View

Regrettable this was my first official series of posts. Wish I had something more valuable to offer you and the BPL community. Unfortunately, all I have of value today is my humble Golite pack. I'm not some hawker. Just a guy who bought a pack I wasn't satisfied with from a company who decided to slash all their prices a week and a half afterward (which I was not aware of until today). Boo hoo for me.

And you are right, there is more to this online community. That's why this is the "Gear Swap" forum and not the "Gear Deals" forum where apparently the coupon code was already announced. If you don't understand the point of having vendor and sponsor solicitations transparent and separate then I'm sorry. And, respectfully, this is not the "2 cents" thread for either of us--for Socrates' sake. Your reasons for selling your things are not the same reasons I sell my things. Golite can protect their sales, but I can't? Free exchange indeed. Let's see what you think next time you post something for sale and someone else posts in your thread that they will sell for 50% cheaper. With that said I will end this stupid rant with an offer for my now heavily depreciated pack.

$95 shipped which should undercut the deal you get from the Golite web site. I emailed ya this time, Socrates.

Peace to you, cooldrip.

Link .
(annapurna) - MLife
Re: GoLite on 05/11/2011 10:54:51 MDT Print View

Thank You Addie,
Golite coupon for 40% off is BOU4OS11 good till May 22 at ,I hope this helps:)