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2011 Alpacka Denali Llama first impressions...
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Jason Wright

Locale: Mid-Atlantic
2011 Alpacka Denali Llama first impressions... on 04/28/2011 11:56:55 MDT Print View

First off let me start by saying I usually don't review products. There are far better folks that do on here. However, I have to say something about my new raft. I have used a '09 ALpacka Unrigged Explorer for a while now. I am a big guy so it worked well for me. Plenty of flotation, stable, light enough. Had a blast with it. I had very little white water experience. And that is limited to canoes and such. I loved the idea of packrafting since I could so lots of solo trips, never worry about shuttles and that sort of thing. Anyway I saw the new boat designs and was intrigued. After speaking to the folks at Alpacka and explaining my trips and needs they recommended a custom extension of a Denali Llama. Received it Monday and have had it out three times this week on "traditional" packrafting day trips. Hike out a ways and float back to or past the car and hike back up. All I can say is WOW! The new boat is great! The unrigged explorer was awesome but the new boat rocks. Much more flotation. I am seriously siting probably 3-4 inches higher off the water line. I am taking it down little creeks that would have been impossible before. Tracks great. Felt a little less stable side to side at first but no problems. Plus the Explorer is a pretty wide boat and it's the same width along the length in comparison. The Llama fits great. Had it extended 3". The longer butt on the boat makes a huge difference going off drops or just laying back on the seat. The boat is very responsive. The new seat is nice too. The back rest is smaller and a much more effective design and easily removable. I also don't feel the need to scoot forward in the boat when getting more aggressive. I basically have not had this much fun outdoors since I first started mountain biking almost 20 years ago. Plus this has just added a whole new dimension to backpacking trips. I need to start saving because now the wife wants one! In a nutshell the new boats are great, Alpacka is a great company to work with and I am gonna stop typing now and go find a creek because it has been raining every other day around here!

P.S. So anyone interested in a well used Unrigged Explorer????

Jason Wright
Baltimore, Maryland

New boat

New boat 2

diego dean
Agreement on 04/29/2011 17:07:06 MDT Print View

I just got a used 2011 Llama and agree with everything you just said. Its an awesome boat!!

Did you get the boat extended 3 inches for you legs, or was the butt extended 3 inches?