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Summit/ Happy place rituals?
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Jason Torres
(burytherails) - F

Locale: Texas
Summit/ Happy place rituals? on 04/27/2011 15:39:02 MDT Print View

I was just reading the post-hike rituals and had a couple of great laughs! Truly phenomenal stuff. I thought I would start a thread on summit rituals or if you are thru-hiking, the point on the trail (lets call it your happy place) where you might linger longer than anywhere else.

My ritual is to search for a place where my rear will be happy for 4 minutes and 52 seconds....and that is exactly how long it takes for "over the hills and far away" (Zeppelin) to play. No talking, just Zeppelin.

This can sometimes give my fiance some grief if she is along so I share my excitement with her along with some hugs and a kiss before I sit down...happy wife happy life. It helps me take everything in. I would rather not carry my ipod since it does not make any sense to me to carry an item that is not necessary and out of which I will only use for 4:52 but it is a refuge of sorts-especially if we are not alone.

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed it. Now give us yours!

Safe travels

Aaron Benson
(AaronMB) - F

Locale: Central Valley California
re:happy place rituals on 04/27/2011 16:29:14 MDT Print View

Zeppelin is a nice choice. If I were to bring along the ipod, I'd be down for a little Zeppelin, Floyd, too.

I like to find that comfortable spot in the sun...then I just sit. Still, quiet, eyes closed; I might as well call it a quiet meditation, as I just sit, breath, and listen to the sounds around me. After, if I've packed it in and depending on the time of the day, a little sip of something special is nice, too.

Patrick S
(xpatrickxad) - F

Locale: Upper East TN
Re: Summit/ Happy place rituals? on 04/27/2011 18:51:21 MDT Print View

During my AT hike I carried a pint of George Dickel (have to represent Tennessee) and at every state line and major mileage point (500, 1000, 2000) I took a sip. On Katahdin I had 2 sips left: one for me and the last I poured on the sign for all my friends that had to leave the trail and didn't make it to the end.

I don't really have any other rituals. The year I hiked we had rain most days and I met a young woman in the Whites who did a "shadow dance" every time there was enough sunlight to see your shadow. I steal that one sometimes even in my off trail life.

Jason Torres
(burytherails) - F

Locale: Texas
connect/ milemarkers/ shadowdance on 04/27/2011 21:26:40 MDT Print View

@ Aaron - connect..I like that brother. I do the same once the earphones come out and a sip of the good stuff is always welcome.

@ Patrick - I dig it. There are milestones on the trail much like life. Drink it in! Also, that shadow dance is sweet. I'm going to have to steal that one. Maybe you started something here...

Gregory Petliski
(gregpphoto) - F
re on 04/27/2011 22:11:58 MDT Print View

I jump!

Paul Magnanti
(PaulMags) - MLife

Locale: People's Republic of Boulder
Food and drink on 04/29/2011 16:14:44 MDT Print View

Must be my ethnic roots...;)

But I like to pack in some goodies.

For full moon hikes, I've been known to pack in a chocolate fondue kit (yes) with wine.

One memorable full moon hike, we did an Oktoberfest themed hike. I packed in some brats, beer and a Coleman two burner stove! It ain't light, but it was good! :)

Full Moon Oktoberfest

Come to think of it, food and drink is my POST hike ritual too.

I sense a theme.

larry savage
(pyeyo) - F

Locale: pacific northwest
do a little dance on 04/29/2011 16:53:49 MDT Print View

My dad was Irish and we used to go to céilidhs, [kailees], a type of country dance/hootenanny. So when I bust out to a peak top I would always do a bit of step dancing - this single thing led to high turnover rate with climbing partners and possibly my eventual interest in solo climbing.

Jason Torres
(burytherails) - F

Locale: Texas
jumping/ themed hike/ dance (Irish stylee) on 04/29/2011 18:23:09 MDT Print View

@Gregory - I checked out those pics...there is jumping and there is what Gregory does! You should throw a stop motion together once you have more peaks bagged - I bet that would make one hell of a vid

@Paul - Holy bratwurst..and mmmm good. So the real story is who drew the short stick and hauled that thing during the hike? I bet your buddies jump when you ask if they wanna join you on a hike..

@Larry - Irish step dancing eh? Right on. I'm from TX so I enjoy a little dust up. I am really digging this dancing theme. I need to get my act together fellas

Paul Magnanti
(PaulMags) - MLife

Locale: People's Republic of Boulder
Short straw.... on 04/29/2011 19:53:35 MDT Print View

I voluntarily drew the short straw. Of course, I have a habit of doing that. :)

For my friend's 40th b-day, I hauled in on skis 10 lbs of pork loin (marinated in olive oil, garlic, rosemary and some spices) and added spinach and pre-chopped carrots and potatoes. It was to the to the McNamara 10th Mtn Hut not far from Aspen.


Chef Mags

John Devitt
(cabana) - MLife

Locale: Colorado
Nice on 04/29/2011 22:19:18 MDT Print View


you have style brother! I hope to bump into you in the Rockies backcountry when there is some brats coking up!


John West
(skyzo) - M

Locale: Borah Gear
Ritual on 04/30/2011 10:12:12 MDT Print View

Nice choice with the Zeppelin. "Going to California" finds its way on my playlist a lot when I am backpacking.

George Matthews
(gmatthews) - MLife
Re: Ritual on 04/30/2011 14:35:12 MDT Print View

For all of us, our trips into the wilderness and then returning back is the act that most stirs our souls. All the great stories ever told begin and end with around a journey - legends or religions or spiritual awakenings, all the great tales - a journey into the unknown. We must pass tests or challenges or solve problems - summits or long miles or serious weather - this causes us to go through a transformation. We change and become different. We become better. Then we return - and soon enough begin thinking about our next journey.

So I've decided what I'm gonna do now
So I'm packing my bags for the Misty Mountains
Where the spirits go now
Over the hills where the spirits fly
I really don't know

Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
Re: Re: Ritual on 04/30/2011 15:16:24 MDT Print View

I am not a climber, but whenever I top off at the top of a pass in The Sierras I stop, take my pack off, and just smile at the awesomeness

Jason Torres
(burytherails) - F

Locale: Texas
Rituals on 04/30/2011 18:57:01 MDT Print View

@John - Nice!

@Paul - Doing it right I see. I have a special love for Colorado. I lived there a short while some years ago.

@George - Could not agree more. The journey begins with the first step and every step is as memorable as the next. For me it is not about elevation gained, distance hiked or summits bagged, but rather the process. It is not about how much experience but rather the experience. My first trail day was as memorable as my last..and will be as my next (on my first outing I carried 45lbs and we drank all our water with 5 hrs of trail left on a scorching sunny day- it was a 14hr day)

My love for the backcountry is only rivaled by my love for music and more specifically the creation of music. Each enhances the other and when I am not on trail, a song can take me back. Reminds me of a song..kudos to anyone who recognizes it :

There were days
and there were days
and there were days I know
when all we ever wanted
was to learn and love and grow
once we grew into our shoes
we told them where to go
walked halfway around the world
on promise of the glow
stood upon a mountain top
walked barefoot in the snow
gave the best we had to give
how much we'll never know
how much we'll never know..

@Ken - Yes sir. Every trail day is a good day -even the tough ones