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Suggestions for ultralight camp shoes under 4 ounces.
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Mark Ryan

Locale: Somewhere. Probably lost.
Re: Suggestions for ultralight camp shoes under 4 ounces. on 04/25/2011 19:34:38 MDT Print View

I picked up a pair of Acorn Travel Slippers from REI. Little of 4oz and comfortable.

Travis Leanna
(T.L.) - MLife

Locale: Wisconsin
Re: Re: Suggestions for ultralight camp shoes under 4 ounces. on 04/25/2011 19:37:44 MDT Print View

I don't bring camp shoes, but I've been thinking of taking a pair of booties to slip on over my socks when I wake up for night-time relief. Obviously they would only protect against moisture and not stubbing toes. Normally I'd just slip on my trail runners, but if they're wet, they can get my sleep socks damp. I'm also going to try hiking in some KSO Treks, and those are not the easiest to put on in the dark in the middle of the night.

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Dan Momii
(DanMomii) - F

Locale: Santa Cruz County, CA
Ultralight camp shoes on 04/25/2011 19:37:53 MDT Print View

Thanks Mark, I will check those out on the REI website.

todd h
(funnymoney) - MLife

Locale: SE
Re: Re: Suggestions for ultralight camp shoes under 4 ounces. on 04/25/2011 19:47:46 MDT Print View

More discussion and pics of my ugly feet in this thread:

Justin McMinn
(akajut) - F

Locale: Central Oklahoma
Re: Suggestions for ultralight camp shoes under 4 ounces. on 04/26/2011 08:29:55 MDT Print View

Worth considering -

I wish they would come out with their new models.

Russell Jacobie
(flyer4food) - F

Locale: Sierras
Less than an oz on 04/26/2011 10:03:13 MDT Print View

So my wife just got back from having her toenails done, and they give her these little "sandals" to wear while you walk around the store. I have been using crocs (8.7oz!!) for a long time, and once I found this forum I switched to homoemade blue foamy sandals (1.4oz) (not nearly as comfortable as crocs, and useless fording streams)

Anyway, I am secure enough in my masculinitly I tried on her nail/spa sandals and whoa! they are more comfortable than my blue foamy sandals and they weigh .4 oz!! That's the same as my car key man.. Also they are perfectly flat so they won't take up much space.

I'll probably get 2 or 3 and ship them to myself when I do resupplys and see. I will miss the crocs though, as I use them when I shower at night before bed in usually freezing streams, but no way is that worth a half pound.


Jeff Hollis
(hyperslug) - MLife
Shower Shoes on 04/26/2011 11:23:34 MDT Print View

I was tipped on these by people on this great site. My size 11 weighs 1.9 oz and cost $4 plus shipping. Tested them recently and loved them. Won't last forever but secure with and without socks and mesh is small enough to keep leaves out but let feet dry. Super minimalist, these make Vibram 5 Fingers look like a mountaineering boots.

Hope this helps,

Jason G
(JasonG) - F

Locale: iceberg lake
wow on 04/26/2011 12:08:48 MDT Print View


Edited by JasonG on 04/06/2013 16:01:38 MDT.

Dan Momii
(DanMomii) - F

Locale: Santa Cruz County, CA
Ultralight camp shoes on 04/26/2011 12:09:54 MDT Print View

Hi Jeff,

I heard about the sprint aquatics and will check out the website. Also checked out the site Justin, the shoes look great but are a little pricey. Thanks, any more suggestions out there.

Chris Morgan
(ChrisMorgan) - F

Locale: Southern Oregon
Re: wow on 04/26/2011 12:14:06 MDT Print View

>And i assume they start to fail at the strap/sole corners..?

Nah, the heel wears down. I suppose you could put some duct tape or some sort of stronger material on the bottom of the heel, but that would add weight.

jeffrey armbruster
(book) - M

Locale: Northern California
sprint aquatics on 04/26/2011 13:21:05 MDT Print View

These are the "pool shoes" that I've been using for two seasons now. Mine have held up fine. It's true that you can feel river rocks beneath them, but it's a lot better than crossing a river barefoot. The soles are so thin that a stray Ponderosa pine cone prickle has occasionally poked through, but not enough to ever wound me. For the weight I think these are great. But the myog sleeping pad shoes may just be the cat's meow. I wonder how slick they would be for river crossings?

Ross Bleakney
(rossbleakney) - MLife

Locale: Cascades
Re: Less than an oz on 04/26/2011 18:52:13 MDT Print View

Russell, do you have a link to the nail/spa sandals you mentioned?

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Re: Less than an oz on 04/26/2011 19:52:37 MDT Print View

The nail/spa foam sandals can be found in dollar stores too. Be careful about size because they may be typically made for women's size feet.

te - wa
(mikeinfhaz) - F

Locale: Phoenix
Re: Less than an oz on 04/26/2011 20:57:10 MDT Print View

those are called "10 step sandals" for a reason, good luck ;)
ultralight, cheap, durable. pick any two.

Diana Vann
(DianaV) - MLife

Locale: Wandering
Re: Shower Shoes on 04/27/2011 01:17:45 MDT Print View


Are those shoes 1.9 oz. per shoe or per pair? I couldn't find a mention of weight on the web site.


Link .
(annapurna) - MLife
Re: Re: Shower Shoes on 04/27/2011 11:47:55 MDT Print View

my sprint aquatics are 1.7oz for the pair in size 6

Kevin Cody
(codycolor2) - F

Locale: Los Padres NF
Re: IKEA Sandals on 05/02/2011 10:56:47 MDT Print View

Turns out these slippers are awesome although I don't suggest wearing them around fox tails because they become magnets for them. but they keep your toes quite warm. I will be bringing them on my trip this weekend for my trip.

havent tried it .. on 05/02/2011 17:00:15 MDT Print View

i havent tried it yet, but Ive been thinking its possible to significantly reduce the weight of a pair of cheap knock off crocs , while retaining closed toe protection and a fair amount of durability.

christopher smead
(hamsterfish) - MLife

Locale: hamsterfish
Sad on 06/11/2011 01:27:17 MDT Print View

Just FYI for everyone, I tried to order more of the sprint aquatics pool shoes and received an email from customer service saying they are now discontinued :(

So sad. Instead I ordered a set of these "croc liners" mentioned in another thread. I hope they are just as good.

christopher smead
(hamsterfish) - MLife

Locale: hamsterfish
Quick update on croc liners on 06/13/2011 17:35:20 MDT Print View

Got mine in the mail (very quick shipping I might add)
They are basically neoprene socks. They do keep your feet warm and somewhat protected, however they don't have a sole. So no protection against really sharp rocks and not a ton of grip. But, they are certainly better than nothing, and they are cheap.