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Walkup Permit for JMT in Tuolumne Meadows
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Richard Gless
(rgless) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Walkup Permit for JMT in Tuolumne Meadows on 04/19/2011 22:51:48 MDT Print View

A friend of mine from back East has a permit for the JMT SBO out of Tuolumne in late July, but has to delay his start until early August. Does anyone have personal experience getting a walk up permit out of Tuolumne in the last couple of years.



Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Walkup Permit for JMT in Tuolumne Meadows on 04/19/2011 22:58:19 MDT Print View

I've gotten walkup permits in Tuolumne Meadows, but not for the JMT SOBO.

Almost all of the popular trail quotas are taken by the day before, a few minutes after they open. Then the permit station gets crazy busy. Be prepared for a long wait in line.


Art ...
(asandh) - F
Re: Walkup Permit for JMT in Tuolumne Meadows on 04/20/2011 02:16:32 MDT Print View

I think there are two types of Walk-up permits.
Those that are set aside as walk-ups in the overall quota.
and those that are reservation no shows, and get released as walk-ups.
My experience refers to walk-ups as part of the quota.
these are permits for next day entry.

I got SOBO JMT walk up permits out of Yosemite Valley (not Tuolumne) in both 2007 and 2008 during early August. It was not a big problem as long as I got in line very early ... 5 am, 4 am , depends. Anyway I got a permit both times.
Solo permits are easier to get than one for several people, since the quota is not large, first come first served.

Tuolumne can't be that much different, but check on their quota.

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Hiking Malto
(gg-man) - F
Yes on 04/20/2011 08:46:39 MDT Print View

I got a walk up permit two years ago for two people the morning we left. (We came back and day hiked the section down to the valley after Whitney.)

My suggestion if it fits with your plan. The park releases the non-reserved permits the day BEFORE the departure day based on trailhead quotas. So if you can get there the day before you can increase your chances. Also, the fewer in the group the better, solo hikers have it the easiest. Since the quota is by trailhead you have several different trailheads to choose from, not just Lyell Canyon. If one is taken then move on to the next. Finally, if you have flexibility then pick a mid-week day.

I always due walk up permits at Yosemite and have been able to land every trip I have wanted. Good Luck

PS - You are better off getting there the day before than early in the morning. They don't open until I believe 7am and many are already filled from the day before. Then at 10am all the slots are released from the reservations not picked up. That is the second good window.

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Maya Rosenzweig
(moose37) - F
Probably not a big issue on 04/20/2011 09:47:39 MDT Print View

Well this was for yosemite valley but 2 years ago we got into line pretty early (around 4-5 like someone else suggested) and waited stressing the whole time. It seemed like there were at least ten people in line by the time the office opened with 3 ahead of us, although I think we were the only JMT southbounders. Once they let us in the said not to worry that everyone in line would get their permits and then asked us if we wanted to leave that day or the next. After all the hype about not getting a permit it went very smoothly and 2 permits for the JMT southbound were in ours (late august).

Richard Gless
(rgless) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Walkup Permit for JMT in Tuolumne Meadows on 04/20/2011 17:41:13 MDT Print View

Thanks to everyone for your input and advice.


Chad Eagle

Locale: SoCal
Jmt permit on 04/21/2011 18:06:37 MDT Print View

I went last year and was worried about the permit and I also wanted to do the stretch from the Valley also. I looked online and all the permits out of the Valley were taken and there are very few walkups available down there. So, I got into Tuolumne very early and parked right next to the permit office to keep an eye on the line. I ended up in line at about 5:50 am and was first. I could have had a walkup for that day SOBO, but took one for the next day. I then "dayhiked" to the Valley and stayed the night at the backpackers camp in the Valley. Then I caught a shuttle back to Tuolumne and proceeded SOBO.

It worked out pretty well and was easier than getting a permit out of the Valley. The shuttle takes alittle while to get back up to Tuolumne, but I still managed to get to Island Pass that same night. So, I ended up not wasting a day waiting for permits and increased the odds of getting my permit being it was for the next day.

Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Jmt permit on 04/21/2011 18:16:01 MDT Print View

Chad, it seems like you gamed the system and won.