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UL pants close to official BSA color?
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Michael Ray
(topshot) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
UL pants close to official BSA color? on 04/18/2011 08:02:30 MDT Print View

Have any of you Scouters (or Scouts) found UL pants that are close to the olive drab sort of color of the official (HEAVY) BSA pants (or grey Venturing)? I actually do like some of the big pockets when I'm not backpacking, but that's about it. Also prefer normal long pants, not zip-offs.

Mark Rash

Locale: North Texas
Campmor Adventure Pants on 04/18/2011 08:09:20 MDT Print View

The Campmor Adventure Pants in Tundra are almost a perfect color match, but they are zip-offs. So far I've only worn them as long pants and the zippers aren't annoying at all.

Jason McSpadden
(JBMcSr1) - M

Locale: Rocky Mountains
UL pants that are olive drab on 04/18/2011 08:19:24 MDT Print View

Try the Golite Yunan pant--they have them in olive green. I like these pants--they stretch and move with you, dry very fast, and work great.

Ben Smith
(goosefeet) - MLife

Locale: Georgia
Re: UL pants close to official BSA color? on 04/18/2011 08:34:07 MDT Print View


Railriders has a couple choices:

Adventure Khaki Pants


X-Treme Adventure Pants

Chris Benson
(roguenode) - F

Locale: Boulder
check the tac lite pro colors on 04/18/2011 08:37:31 MDT Print View

5.11 Tac Lite Pro Pants

Michael Sagehorn
(msagehorn) - F
Zip off shorts/pants REI on 05/07/2011 22:22:44 MDT Print View

When my son was in Scouts... 1999-2007 and I was a ASM/SM REI sold a great product. The Sahara shorts were sold in a color called "Surplus Green". They were light, green, and were cut above the knee like Scout shorts. Unlike the 1980's-90 issue Scout shorts that were a heavy poly/cotton and ill fitting, the REI product was perfect. On hikes, camping, and backpacking we wore the Sahara's. For Court of Honor's we wore the hidious issue shorts and pants. I was pleased to see that like a lot of things,the leadership who run Scouting finally figured it out and now have the nylon shorts in their suupply system, albeit way overpriced. After over a decade of service the REI shorts needed to be replaced. The Sahara is a horrible piece of gear. Too long, a crummy belt, and a goofy pocket set-up. Somebody in Seattle is sleeping.

Matti West
(Onslow) - F
Scout pants on 05/16/2011 21:56:04 MDT Print View

Hi guys, if anyone else manages to track down dark blue UL pants I would love to hear. Australian Scout uniform being dark blue. Have had no luck so far..

Frederic Chang
(freddych) - F
Re: check the tac lite pro colors on 05/17/2011 13:03:06 MDT Print View

How much doe these 5.11 Tac Lite Pro Pants weigh?

Walter Underwood
(wunder) - M

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
BSA Switchback pants on 05/29/2011 15:06:48 MDT Print View

Have you tried the BSA Switchback pants? They are Supplex nylon zipoffs. I'm not that fond of zipoffs, but I've been wearing them for the past few years on outings and they are holding up fine. They were fine on Philmont.

REI Adventure Pants used to be available in a color called "canteen", which was an excellent match for Scout green. My pants have served for both camping and work with no problems for a few years. Sadly, they have dropped that color. Maybe we should all e-mail REI and tell them to bring it back.

Michael Ray
(topshot) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
WTB: UL nylon pants close to official BSA color on 02/04/2013 13:04:15 MST Print View

I can't afford to buy right now so I have a few items for trade if anybody has a pair or two of 36x30 (or longer) nylon pants they could part with. My son needs them as a White Stag staff member. Thanks.

Erik Basil

Locale: Atzlan
Re: WTB: UL nylon pants close to official BSA color on 02/05/2013 08:06:50 MST Print View

Our son's REI Sahara, side zip convertibles match the Scout green very well and I often have to look carefully to see which one he's using. Unfortunately, REI only makes pants in that great green for youth and short-person sizes... no 35" inseam available. Too bad, because the Sahara is a better product than our BSA item.

pants on 02/07/2013 14:41:18 MST Print View

I wear $20 ones from Academy sports that match.

If you cant find any, there is always RIT dye too.

But honestly, so you need to worry about it. Any shade of olive,khaki works generally. We dont have pants police in our council.

Michael Ray
(topshot) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
Re: Scout pants on 02/07/2013 15:25:40 MST Print View

These must be what you're talking about (in Moss Green). How much do they weigh?

yeah on 02/07/2013 16:26:46 MST Print View

looks like them. they have a light sage green, a darker olive like the scouts, and khaki. Just not all of them, all the time. Its seasonal or something.

I think my small weighs about 12.6oz if i recall correctly. They run a bit large in the medium

Worn them on many trips, no complaints, esp for price.

Erik Basil

Locale: Atzlan
Shorts on 05/03/2013 07:03:05 MDT Print View

Costco is currently stocking Quicksilver board shorts with side pockets and no mesh liner, including a version in a flat, Scout Green, for $22 bucks (I think...). They're cut slim in the leg, are longer than Scout shorts but still above the knee and will accept a full-width belt. I've worn mine with both the old BSA leather and the newer BSA web belts. The fly is gusseted, and doesn't open for real, but secures well with velcro and snaps. Side pockets are drained.

Having shredded too many of the BSA shorts (and being taller than their pants for the most part), I crave items like this and can now replace my faded and ragged green quicksilver cottons from several years ago.