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Yosemite Weekend
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David W.
(Davidpcvsamoa) - MLife

Locale: East Bay, CA
Yosemite Weekend on 04/17/2011 23:25:48 MDT Print View

Although for the majority of my life I have living within 2 hours drive of Yosemite Valley, I typically have avoided it to the masses of humanity but I figured this may be a decent weekend to camp in the valley and explore the area. I took Friday off of work and drove up CA140. The weather was pleasant 70 degrees (f) and there was very few cars on the road. The Merced River Canyon with blooming flowers and raging waters was a great backdrop. I rolled down the windows, opened the sunroof, put in a good mix cd and really enjoyed the drive.

I pulled off the road before entering the park to explore the Hite Cove Trail, which I had never been on. It supposed to be known for its wildflowers, and there were some, but not as many as I have seen in others pictures. It was a very nice hike in the S. fork of the Merced River Canyon.





I resumed my drive and entered park. I found a camping spot at Camp 4 which ideal for me since its historically a climbers camp where no RVs are allowed. There is nothing like the contrast of a tarp tent next a RV. At night, instead of the noise of a RV generator, there are sounds of conversation and aspiring hippies playing the drums. I spent the rest of the day walking around the valley which I had never done before.

Yosemite Falls


I decided to walk up Tenaya Creek on Saturday.



9I enjoyed eating and watching a pair of ducks (Common Merganser)swim and walk from pool to pool along the cascade of Snow Creek Falls.

When I made it back to camp I realized that I had lost my camera somewhere on my walk. I decided to get up the next morning and retrace my steps. I figured that as long as a lost it someplace while I was off trail, it might still be there (and fortunately it was).

On Saturday night I enjoyed watching some kids attempt to boulder Midnight Lightening (the famous boulder in the middle of Camp 4). I later walked over the lounge at Yosemite Village to enjoy a beer and watched the San Jose Sharks. Although they lost it was a great way to end the day, especially since my tent was a short stumble across the lodge grounds to Camp 4.

I spent Sunday morning retrieving my camera. I had lunch with family and then enjoyed another great drive down the river canyon back home.

Tony Wong
(Valshar) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: Yosemite Weekend on 04/18/2011 11:34:58 MDT Print View found your camera on the ground along the trail the next day!?

That is more than a needle in a haystack there for finding it- lucky man.

Thanks for sharing and reminding us that it is time to start getting out there on some trips.