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Various Questions
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Eric Swab

Locale: Rockies
Various Questions on 04/17/2011 19:27:33 MDT Print View

A few random questions that I cannot seem to find the answers for, I know these are on different subjects but thought it would better than multiple threads, here goes:

1. Minidropper bottles - Does anyone know of another source or alternate product? I doubt they will be available through BPL. I found them by the case on Amazon, but don't need that many.

2. Pre-Mixing AquaMira? Do people pre-mix the A and B parts into one bottle? How long is the mixture good for? Most of my trips are one or two nights would this be okay?

3. Bear bag / food storage - I use an Opsack and a stuff sack for food hanging, is using my sleeping bag stuff sack a good idea or not? The pros would be one less stuff sack, the cons would be: could get soaked in a rain, could make my sleeping bag smell like food, more wear and tear. Any thoughts?

4. Rock Bag (for food hanging) - any ideas for a multiple use item or should I just tie the rope to a rock? Currently I use a dedicated small stuff sack and keep the rope in it.

5. Quilt (Ultra 20) and pad (Ridge rest) - I am going to use this set-up this weekend but when trimming the ridgerest do you leave it long enough for your head to be on it and still cover the gap at the bottom ? Do you trim the width and put the pad in the quilt with straps under pad or strap the quilt to the top of a full width pad?

6. Just got a new Jam pack to try ( REI dividend & 20% off) I like the hip belt pockets and giant outer pocket. So for trimming weight this is what I have identified: hydration pocket and hook, bottom compactor hooks, ice axe loops, trim excess webbing, elastic inside hipbelt pockets, remove back pad. Anything else?
What kind of weights are people getting their newer Jams down to? I am not 100% sure I am going to keep it, want to try out first.

I know these questions are all over the place but am just trying to refine things some more and I really appreciate the input.