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Wood Stove - The Aliens Have Landed
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Rob Hubbard
(robwa10) - F

Locale: England
Wood Stove - The Aliens Have Landed on 04/15/2011 07:37:28 MDT Print View

After seeing some of MYOG creations and the TiGoat and Kifaru I was inspired to begin thinking about something for me and my two year old for next Autumn and Winter. I liked the better cooking ability of the square stoves but was looking for a way to save some weight as well. So I decided upon this space ship look!

Wood Stove
Stove Packed
Stove Pieces

It's 25.4oz, 9 1/2" long x 6" wide x 5" high and tool less assembly. Though it's made out of .5mm SS so the weight would go down if I make another with .3mm like TiGoat and Kifaru use. Just need to get some T-Nuts for the feet to screw into.

James Marco
(jamesdmarco) - MLife

Locale: Finger Lakes
Re: Wood Stove - The Aliens Have Landed on 04/15/2011 07:48:22 MDT Print View

Looks good!

. Callahan

Locale: Stoke Newington, London, UK.
A concern! on 04/16/2011 13:32:21 MDT Print View

That stove looks very neat!

However, although I have limited experience in MYOG stoves, I'm concerned that the stove appears to rely on edge joint retention for the integrity of the stove body, and that if this was compromised, the stove would come apart!

Opinions of those with way more experience than I are appreciated.

Michael Meiser
(mmeiser) - F

Locale: Michigan
odd wood stove designs on 04/18/2011 06:57:56 MDT Print View

sweet, original thinking. How about some burn videos and photos.

I wonder about the efficiency of the triangular design. It does make for a nice flat place to put your pot and you'd think it'd reflect heat well, but in all my experiments with flat packing verticle chimney stoves I found round to be so much more efficient (heat reflection, structurally and convection) I eventually abandoned toying with anything but round stoves that rolled up. But like I said these were not chimney stoves and they all used the circle in a verticle fashion.

Chimney stoves on the other hand are a completely different beast. For one thing they're heavily chooked... i.e. the chimney produces all the suction and the stove itself chokes the convection to control / slow the burn.

Edited by mmeiser on 04/18/2011 06:58:46 MDT.

Rob Hubbard
(robwa10) - F

Locale: England
An Update on 04/18/2011 10:19:44 MDT Print View

A few more pics, even some action ones!
Here's one of the redesigned airport on the front. The simple solutions are usually the easiest!

And some burn pics with an improvised chimney and damper inside it.


The damper makes a big difference. Even though it wasn't the best made one, made it in about 5 minutes, I could control the airflow much better. As a result I could get some really good heat going. I'm amazed at how much heat is lost up the chimney without one.

It brought 500ml of water to roiling boil in 25mins from lighting the fire. Speed of course isn't the objective as it is a heater for the shelter as well. Did a vid on my phone about a minute long so I will try to get that up tonight.

Also, by my rough and ready calculations making it from .3mm SS should make it around 200 grams lighter.

John West
(skyzo) - M

Locale: Borah Gear
Stoves on 04/18/2011 20:53:37 MDT Print View

After seeing all the brilliantly made stoves on BPL over the past few months, it has become my new MYOG obsession. I've been trying to make one for awhile now, and am still finalizing my plans, but I hope to make one soon here. Yours looks great, and it would be awesome to see a video of it

Carl Holt
(Sundown) - F
Re: Wood Stove - The Aliens Have Landed on 04/20/2011 05:00:57 MDT Print View

Very nice stove!

But one suggestion - grind down some of those corners a bit.

Young camping kids + sharp metal objects in a tent = cuts and lots of crying

I know from experience.

Kevin Beeden
(captain_paranoia) - F

Locale: UK
re: sharp corners on 04/20/2011 11:38:37 MDT Print View

> But one suggestion - grind down some of those corners a bit.

Since the stove is likely to be glowing anywhere between dull cherry red and yellow in places, I think sharp corners would be the least of my worries... ;-)

(says someone who lost all the skin from his knuckles in a brazier-related caper...)

Edited by captain_paranoia on 04/20/2011 11:40:46 MDT.