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Summerlite alternative
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wiiawiwb wiiawiwb
(wiiawiwb) - F
Summerlite alternative on 04/10/2011 20:40:37 MDT Print View

I'm looking for a 3-season bag for the Adirondacks. The WM Summerlite (32 degree) would probably be perfect for me. It's light, at 19 oz, and obviously excellent quality. You'd have an easier time try to find life on Mars than finding a WM bag on sale. The Summerlite sells for $315.

Any other bags, similar in cold rating and weight, that would be less expensive?

William Zila
(Ultralightwillinn.m) - MLife

Locale: Albuquerque
Mountain hardwear phantom 45 on 04/10/2011 20:43:11 MDT Print View

The mountain hardwear phantom 45 fits your needs perfect 32en rating 17ounces 250$ retail but can be found for less i love mine best bag I could find for the price

Mat Tallman
(wehtaM) - F

Locale: Midwest
MH 45 on 04/10/2011 20:52:34 MDT Print View

I think you quoting the EN lower limit spec as if it were the comfort rating is as misleading as the arbitrary ratings many manufacturers slap on their bags. If you want to be closer to apples to apples, the MH phantom 32 is the bag to look at, but even it only has an EN comfort rating of 37 deg.

The WM bag is pricey, but you'll be very hard pressed to find someone who has one and doesn't love it, it seems. Most people state that their ratings tend to be conservative too.

William Zila
(Ultralightwillinn.m) - MLife

Locale: Albuquerque
En on 04/10/2011 21:13:35 MDT Print View

The comfort is for women the lower is the en test for a male with a body weight of 180lbs it is the comfort level for men from the en search it and read up on the testing the lower is the men comfort for women and I also know from personel experience that the phantom 45 is warm to 32 and I only weigh 140 and am a average sleeper not cold or warm

William Zila
(Ultralightwillinn.m) - MLife

Locale: Albuquerque
Fill weight on 04/10/2011 21:26:57 MDT Print View

The fill weights are similar too 8ounces of 800in the phantom 9of 850 in the wm they are both great bags and you will be happy with both if money was no problem I may have bout a summerlight but money was a issue and you can regularly find the phantom for 200 or less for the price I couldn't fine anything better read reviews for the phantom almost all of them say the bag is comfortable to low thirties but yet again there both great bags along with others just listing some options

Ryan Krause

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Get the Summerlite used or try a quilt? on 04/11/2011 00:28:18 MDT Print View

How about prowling gear swap and finding the bag used or post a WTB for it? There was a regular left zip Summerlite up for grabs just last Friday for $230 with only a few nights on it.

Other options - you willing to try a quilt or you want to stick with a mummy bag? Either way, are you trying to stay close to the weight of the Summerlite and what are you hoping to pay?

Ike Jutkowitz
(Ike) - M

Locale: Central Michigan
REI/Moosejaw on 04/11/2011 12:26:27 MDT Print View

Are you a member of REI by any chance? They've been sending out their 20% off coupon along with dividends recently.

REI doesn't carry WM bags, but we've got a great Moosejaw here in East Lansing that does, and is very big on price matching. A few years ago, I had received my annual REI 20% off any one item coupon and I asked Moosejaw if they would honor it. They said "Of course". So I ended up getting the summerlite from them at 20% off, no questions asked.

Edited by Ike on 04/11/2011 14:10:23 MDT.

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
wrong on 04/11/2011 12:38:28 MDT Print View

"I think you quoting the EN lower limit spec as if it were the comfort rating is as misleading as the arbitrary ratings many manufacturers slap on their bags. If you want to be closer to apples to apples, the MH phantom 32 is the bag to look at, but even it only has an EN comfort rating of 37 deg."

the MH phantom 32 is en-rated to 28F for men

the summerlite is en-rated to around 35F for men

credible manufacturers will have the en-testing certificate and have the test performed at an independent laboratory ... now en-testing is not perfect ... but its a darn sight better than manuf making up ratings, rating their bag at the extremes, measuring the loft or just adding up the down ... its an actual test

you can buy the phantom for ~210$

William Zila
(Ultralightwillinn.m) - MLife

Locale: Albuquerque
Thank you Eric on 04/11/2011 12:51:05 MDT Print View

Thank you Eric I tried to explain that by the en rating for men the phantom 45 and summerlight are the ones he should compare as the 45 is en rated at 32 but both Are great bags but the op is asking for cheaper alternatives and the phantom series is the best lower price alternative I can find

Richard Nisley
(richard295) - M

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: wrong on 04/11/2011 13:02:45 MDT Print View


GREAT post... I admire the way that you candidly address many of the politically sensitive topics on BPL. Even though you are a little rough on the Yuppies, keep up the good work (smile).

/A .
(biointegra) - MLife

Locale: Puget Sound
Re: Summerlite alternative on 04/11/2011 13:23:57 MDT Print View


Have a good look at the WM Highlite also. It is a bit less oz, a bit less $, and a bit less warmth, but quite a nice bag. I find that I use it more than any other.

Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
Caveat Emptor! on 04/11/2011 16:51:30 MDT Print View

Buyer beware when comparing Mountain Hardwear sleeping bags to Western Mountaineering bags. That is apples and oranges, IMHO.

I once had a MH Phantom 32 bag from REI but after I got it home and saw the poor loft I returned it and got a WM Megalite for REAL loft.

Yes, the Megalite was $100. more but it's going on 4 summers now (and 2 autumn seasons) and it still has the same great loft. Ya get what ya pay for.

P.S. I just remembered thet Campmor has a nice summer weight down bag. Only 600 fill likely but still a good value and ENOUGH loft.

Edited by Danepacker on 04/11/2011 16:53:13 MDT.

William Zila
(Ultralightwillinn.m) - MLife

Locale: Albuquerque
Conclusion on 04/11/2011 17:47:07 MDT Print View

Eric don't you think you are jumping to conclusions howany year ago was it when you got your phantom 5? Things change almost yearly I'm sure you know that yes I agree the op should do research for himself and make his own choice but look at current reviews for the phantom series people have nothing but good things to say about them and they are commonly compared in the same boat as phd wm and many other bags with a much bigger price tag like I said if money was no issue wm is a amazing top of the line company but obviously money is a issue that's why he asked for a cheaper alternative and the phantom fits that perfectly

Bradford Rogers
(Mocs123) - MLife

Locale: Southeast Tennessee
Re: Caveat Emptor! on 04/11/2011 18:15:24 MDT Print View

I disagree Eric. I have owned 3 WM bags and do consider them to be the "gold standard" when it comes to sleeping bags. I also own a MH Phanotm 0 and it is a very lofty (7.5 inches), very warm bag.

I was talking with a triple crowner the other day that owns both a Summerlite and a MH Phantom 32 and he said he preferred the Phantom because it was a tad warmer. I would never discourage anyone from buying a WM bag, as they are top notch and made in the USA, but the MH Phantom series (and others like the Marmot Hydrogen) are nice bags too.

Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
Well on 04/11/2011 18:22:23 MDT Print View

Guys, I may have gotten a poor example of a Phantom 32 but with only a 2 F. difference in the two bags' ratings the difference in loft was astounding.

I'm glad to see others' experience with MH is good. I have a MH -20 F. synthetic (Polarguard Delta) bag that is fine. Their down bags though, at least in my
observation, have lacked the loft of other sililarly rated down bags. Just sayin'...

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
summerlite on 04/11/2011 19:16:04 MDT Print View

I had a summerlite, very well constructed bag, but found it too constricting- sold it and went w/ a Marmot Hydrogen- the cut was much better for my build.

I've seen several summerlite's for sale for the exact same reason- just something to be aware of

Scott Smith
(mrmuddy) - MLife

Locale: No Cal
WM Bags on 04/11/2011 19:31:04 MDT Print View

I sold my Helium for a Versa Lite..

GREAT decision !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

terrance guidetti
(Baloo) - F

Locale: calif
montbell on 04/11/2011 23:10:51 MDT Print View

I considered the summerlite, but the bag was too confining for my shoulders. I went with the Montbell ul super spiral # 3. 1 lb. 6oz. The footbox of this bag could be improved, but the stretchiness and the materials are incredibly comfortable for a restless side sleeper. I am a slightly cold sleeper and always wear extra insulation below 35 degrees.

James Moughan
Re: Well on 04/12/2011 07:23:01 MDT Print View

Isn't the phantom 32 en rated to about 38F? I seem to remember the 32 and 45 being the wrong way around.

Another anomaly is the WM Highlight, en rated to 32 iirc.

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
MH bags on 04/12/2011 07:30:11 MDT Print View

according to their site the MH 32 is en comfort rated to 37, the 45 en comfort rated to 41