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$1.50 Ti stakes at
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Bryan S
(bswiz) - F
Stupid question on 10/27/2011 18:51:11 MDT Print View

OK, might pick up 8 or so... pros/cons of the different diameters? I was thinking of the 6"/0.118 since it just seems like the middle of the road. Obviously bigger=more weight, but I'm guessing you get more holding power.

Is 0.118 vs 0.125 really going to make that much of a difference for holding power?

Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Stupid question on 10/27/2011 19:24:52 MDT Print View

It might depend on the typical hardness of the ground that they are used in. If you have soft soil, then just about any skinny stake will push in. If you have really hard soil, it won't push, and you may have to pound it in using a rock. In that case, you probably want the stiffer one with larger diameter.

On the other hand, with hard soil, maybe a small number of stiff ones will get the job done. With soft soil, maybe you need a larger number of the skinny ones.


Matt Summa
(shattercat) - F

Locale: I dig the South.
dadgummit on 11/01/2011 16:50:17 MDT Print View

darn, just picked up 10 at zpacks 2 days ago, oh well, only saved like 5 bucks...

Yuri R
(Yazon) - F

Funny on 11/02/2011 12:04:47 MDT Print View

"With much more strength than aluminum and much less weight than steel"

This is definitely true, but didn't you want to say more strength than steel and less weight than aluminum?

Randy Smith
(PapaSmurf) - F

Locale: Dream Hammock
Re: Funny on 11/02/2011 20:01:12 MDT Print View

Well, no actually that statement is correct.
Titanium is heavier than Aluminum.
Titanium has approx the same tensile strength as a low grade steel alloy.

I guess the most accurate statement would be:
"Titanium has a much higher strength to weight ratio than both Steel and Aluminum."

Randy Smith
(PapaSmurf) - F

Locale: Dream Hammock
Latest Inventory on 11/02/2011 20:02:35 MDT Print View

I just took inventory tonight after shipping today's orders.
6 x .157 = 3 left
6 x .093 = 107 left
5 x .157 = 75 left
5 x .125" = 164 left

I'm not sure about the future of Ti Stakes at I'm currently working with my titanium guy to see if we are able to work something out.

Yuri R
(Yazon) - F

Hah.. on 11/03/2011 14:59:02 MDT Print View

I know that per same size/volume - Ti is heavier, but the Ti stakes are lighter because there is less material than in the Alu stakes. Otherwise i would be running around with Aluminum ones.

Either way - good price.

Cesar Garcia
(crgowo) - F

Locale: Desert SW
old thread on 08/30/2012 08:17:03 MDT Print View

I know this is an old thread but is no longer around or did it just move to another domain?

Wade Ford
(cwford) - MLife

Locale: NTX
old thread on 08/30/2012 10:42:39 MDT Print View

Its moved to