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Perfect gear for 4 season/3 season backpacking
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Logan Wallace
(rifleshooter5) - F
Perfect gear for 4 season/3 season backpacking on 03/29/2011 21:09:12 MDT Print View

Golite pinnacle pack (2lb)

Nalgene colapsable canteen (2oz) Only reason for this is for my steripen, the purified water is then poured into the platy bottle using a funnel. Also allows me to bring moe water back to camp at once!

70 oz platy bottle (1.5oz)

Funnel (0.5oz)

Etowa 8x10 ul tarp with sack (14oz)

The north face hotlum xl 15 degree bag (3lb 2oz)

Msr pocket rocket with case (4oz)

Snow peak 850ml ti mug with lid (6.5oz)

Isopro 8 oz canister (12oz)

Frogg toggs driducks ul rain set (11oz)

Steripen (4oz)

Tp (0.5oz)

Cotten for fires (0.5oz)

Sog nw ranger (7oz)

Paracord (7oz)

Msr groundhog stakes (10) (7oz)

Msr e bivy (10oz)

Trash bag (1.5oz)

Various waterproof bags (3oz)

Small Knife (1.3oz)

Zippo (2oz)

Nano striker (0.5oz)

Petzl tikka xp2 modified band (2.5oz)

Pocket sharpener (0.8oz)

Spare batteries (1oz)

First aid (1oz)

Tin foil (0.5oz)

Tooth paste (1.4oz)

Tooth brush (0.1oz)

Germx (1.2oz)

No see um netting (2.1oz)

Thermarest z lite pad regular (14oz)
Clothes (Weight: 1lb 16oz) Add Item
Pants (8oz)

sealskin socks (4.5oz)

T shirt (6.5oz)

Underware (3oz)

Thick base layer (6oz)

Thin base layer (3oz)

Fleece hat (1oz)


I know it seems very heavy but I like to winter camp also which means I need a full length pad and a warm (heavy) sleeping bag. I like to go for long periods of time making a canister stove a neccesity. I also generally go with at least one other person making the large trap a neccesity.This also eliminates the use of my supercat stove. I love making fires esspecially in case my stove breaks and on a rainy day you must have a knife that can chop and batton to get dry wood. This exact senario happened to me on my last trip and may have left me slightly paranoid. If I had a lighter sleeping bag (18oz) that would save me 30oz, A smaller tarp saves me 5oz maybe 6oz, and the stove with equivilent fuel saves me 6oz. Less warm clothes (if I hiked in a warmer place) saves me 10 oz. A shorter pad saves me 6 oz. No large knife saves me 7 oz. Overall its over a 5 pound difference, making me fall just behind the 10 lb mark. I think this is the most comfortable, quality, and practical set up there is for backpacking. Its not insane like how some people use a minisquel tarp as a sweaty poncho and use no toilet paper, But it certainly is not exesive. Every item I have is quality, funcional,durable, and defenintly worth its weight. None the less ANY SUGGESTIONS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

Edited by rifleshooter5 on 03/29/2011 21:12:44 MDT.

Mike Clelland
(mikeclelland) - MLife

Locale: The Tetons (via Idaho)
insight on 03/29/2011 22:20:58 MDT Print View

Leaving toilet paper behind is NOT insane.

Logan Wallace
(rifleshooter5) - F
:o on 03/29/2011 23:00:50 MDT Print View

Insane and uncomfortable!